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Where's Dsungaripterus?

i had 3 dsungas today

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Right? I bet all those 1’s and 0’s got the day off too… :wink:

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I am quite disappointed actually. I drive 70 miles roundtrip for work, and I only saw 2 throughout the entire day today. Those 2 were in the morning. And NOTHING the last 8 hours. Very underwhelming for such a hyped event. I shouldn’t be too disappointed I guess, it’s just a game and I should enjoy it for what it is

Oh Oh I saw one today! :expressionless:

Didn’t see one yet

Saw 2, caught 1.

Saw 2 now, caught none

You seemed to not have any issues spawning Miragia did you?..I saw 3 or 4 every 5 minutes…

It’s hidden the incubators that they want to buy.

Funny when there are things that benefits the players or decrease the grind, there are always “bugs”, “issues” or “investigations” needed.

I for one think it’s highly unacceptable to not have birds in sanctuaries yet. I am so sick and tired of being attempted to be manipulated by Ludia every step of the way. I guess they’re trying to make up for losing position in top grossing in the Play Store

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I darted six on my 20 minute commute to work.

Haven’t seen one yet…

Saw one tonight on the way home from work. Lots of Tupandactylus though to confuse me. :frowning:

Hasn’t the pursuit ended yet? I spotted none whatsoever in the past few days, but all of a sudden I came across 4 this morning, all within the span of a few minutes.
One was from a common scent (it despawned before i could dart it) and the other three had spawned in the wild. Only managed to dart one of them.

I have screenshots, just in case.

The Hybrid Pursuit ends each week, we’re still only partway done.

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