Where's our boost reset tokens?

They came right out of the gate saying that the tokens wouldn’t be in every alliance championship. You can’t really be upset about being misled when they were completely transparent.


Also moaning about temporary coding errors that work in our favour is pointless. Just be thankful for them for as long as they last.


I don’t recall that. Besides how bad would it be for them to do a bi monthly offer??

Oh because they will be for SALE in the market soon…

That’s right follow the money :moneybag:


Won’t be backing you on the strike towers and the daily, but I do agree about the Boost reset tokens. If I recall their wording correctly, it was something along the lines of “won’t be here forever”. Fair enough. But how many people really understood that as “they are gone literally next month”. The UI changes made for the boost reset tokens tell me they will be back in the future in some form, and they didn’t go through all that trouble for a one time thing, but their initial wording was misleading for sure.


It’s literally right in the announcement itself:


Just because you don’t recall it doesnt mean it didn’t happen. [News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boost Reset Tokens Announcement - #215 by Ned


It’s not transparent without telling how often we’ll get tokens. After 1 year, all we got were 4 tokens and millions of changes.


It’s a joke.


The only thing that made no sense was that we got one refund token at introduction and HAD to use it before being able to get those distributed per in game mail because the collection of the rewards was off once again. And because they weren’t distributed through the rewards we had a limited time to do that too. The one token didn’t enable us to fully unboost a creature making it pretty useless. So…. Because the collection of the rewards was a Ludia failure they should have at least given us another health and speed refund token to unboost the rest of the creature we forcefully had to take its damage from and that would have been two creatures we could have fully unboosted.

Other than that…… all they communicated about the tokens was rolled out as such.


Should have been a bit more picky with your boosts from the start. That’s only common sense.

This statement is completely false. Ludia commonly nerfs meta creatures from time to time. So much so that they USED to grant full boost resets to everyone periodically. This in itself is a full admission by the company that yes, the things you used your boosts on before aren’t as good anymore because we changed them.

Between the nerfs that still occur from time to time and the hyper-inflated power creep that’s going on currently, the only true way to deal with this would be to NOT use your boosts on anything. It’s pretty much guaranteed at this point that no matter what you use them on is going to be obsolete in two to three updates anyway. You may get lucky that a few of them are still meta relevant, but certainly not all of them.

So while yes, you shouldn’t be boosting commons/rares/epics (unless for tournament play) also realize that things like Magna, Tryko, Dilorach, Rinex, Monomimus, Dracorat, Andent, Gemini, Erlidominus, Thor, Grypo, Magnus, Mrhino, P-rex, Quetz, Tenrex, Testa, Stegod, etc etc etc ALL used to be considered top tier and worthy of boost allocation at some phase of the game.


Unless you don’t use boosts at all. With the current pace of changes, you can never be correct in terms of how to use them. .

Yupp. lots of people in alliance are very angry with this. We all assumed when they said they would be giving them as tournament rewards that they would be in almost every tournament. This means with the 8 dinos i have maxed it would take 8 months to get my boosts back… thats still a long term play but something to look forward to in order to improve team. Took a 30 refund loss just to boost 1 dino :confused: still losing long term members the past month (of 3-5 years)…


YES!!! Bring this back!!!

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Probably because they never fixed the - - ‘multiple reset tokens not stacking’ bug. The one that doesn’t let you accept monthly rewards without using your current reset tokens first. People who waited until the last week of the month to accept rewards still couldn’t accept rewards without using their free token. So they didn’t fix it all month.

I’ve only ever gotten one refund token and that was the one they gave out for free during their introduction. Other than that, these refund tokens as of now have been literally the most useless feature in the game for me. They probably only added them to get people to stop complaining about not having a boost reset.


This was a special event thing

It was a bait & switch from the beginning. They never had any intention of making Tokens available to 99% of the user base.


I don’t get how this doesn’t blow up as much as the “Nerf Ref!!!” thread. This is way more important and so unfair.


Are you really trying to suggest only 1% of players obtained them from the alliance championship? Given they put them out at a pretty low level that even a pretty casual, half full alliance could reach during a long tournament month, id find that figure highly suspicious…