Where's our boost reset tokens?

But what are you even able to collect now that every new Dino has ingredients locked behind exclusive paywalls?

you are wrong, nothing is locked behind a paywall, the exclusive creatures eventually are available through a weekly or daily event, also, I’ve never spent any real money to buy anything in the game

It all boils down to Ludia led us on with announcements about resets and when the time came they reversed direction in December. Then a new earn your boost reset tokens was announced and we’ve all seen how well that is being received.

You’re not going to see anymore resets from them and as long as they are just making very minor nerfs and buffs they won’t add reset tokens to the Alliance rewards.

Because they know any major changes to the Dino’s and no options to move boosts around would cause an unruly free for all on here. So instead of nerfs and such they release OP Dino’s that everyone wants and either has to eat 50% of their boosts or buy $$$$ boosts.

Ludia/Jam City are just buying time to recoup their investments and give a decent return to their investors, one of which is Bezos, and then unload the game or pull the plug. Truly sad too and as an original player prior to boosts, the arena was no where near this current mess.

I’m sure there are others here too that remember those days in the first couple of years where many of us who leveled up the team Dino’s and ranked in the top 25 knowing you earned your place there and the random crits didn’t play such a huge factor like they do now.


Agree with most of what you said but crits were way more of an issue when they were 1.5x instead of 1.25x.

You don’t compete at the top so it doesn’t hit you the same as other players. For players that need to get to Lvl28-30 with boosts to make a Dino PVP viable, an occasional event where you can dart an exclusive creature isn’t enough to reach that. It’s either pay now, or wait until the new Dino is powercrept by 5-6 updates before it reaches the required levels.


Nailed it.

Yes. I got that initial freebie and never saw another. I have a feeling that was part of the plan from the beginning.

I propose a reshuffle token, which reshuffles all boosts from all creatures.


Dream on. That would be fair and fairness isn’t part of their business model.

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