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Where's the brachiosaurus?

Hi all:
I can’t found an amazing dino on game…
Where is the brachiosaurus?
Why this dino is not included on the dinosaurs list?


Their are many dinos they need to add such as the Brachiosaurus and the baryonyx and the favorite.

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So it turns out that dinosaur, never actually existed, we grew up learning that one, but it turned out it was actually an apatosaurus. Wish someone answered this before

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I believe you’re thinking of the Brontosaurus; it’s the same thing as the Apatosaurus. Brachiosaurus is its own distinct genus/species, and one of the most-featured dinos of the films.

Brachiosaurus, for some reason, hasn’t made it into JWTG. The only other film-fave dino that I can think of that’s not in the game is the Compsognathus.

@DragonFire88882, the Baryonyx is (now) available as a VIP/loyalty purchased dino.


After watching the series recently, there are several other dinosaurs in the films that do not appear in JWTG. We (I) would love to see them:



Translation, according to Google: “The dinos are all there, including the Baryonyx.”

So where is the Brachiosaurus? The Sinoceratops? The Compsognathus?


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