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Where's the fun?!

Made it to level 4 pretty fast with the front loader boost of gold I guess you start with. (I haven’t spent any money) Now it’s basically plays as the ocean trying to destroy land one wave at a time. Three lvl 4s and one lvl 5 going against lvl 9s and up gaining a measly 5 xp (for those who survive usually only 2) and five good per room but at the rate of one room per run. That being due to non-targetable enemies who one shot characters or enemies who just one shot the whole party and these mobs aren’t even bosses. Then there’s PVP where your up against either a party that are higher levels and are ungodly tanky and love to one shot your party, which eventually sends you back to level 1 arena to fight lvl 1 parties. It’s pathetic. Plus the slog fest of acquiring gold is unbelievable. And I still don’t understand what is worth spending gems on. Sorry for the rant but this doesn’t resemble anything like D&D and it saddens me that they don’t actually care about the players actually enjoying there game through and through.

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PVP sucks.

You’re at the first of many roadblocks that will require grinding. It gets a little better after this first hurdle as you will be able to clear two bosses in the free challenge dungeon, and the experience rewards from that are a bit bettter.

Save your gems. Seems like every other weekend they have a double the gold special dungeon which you pay for with gems. You may be too low level for it to really pay off without a lot of grinding the first time you see it, but you should be able to take advantage the second time you get it.

I agree. From the leveling up process to the abysmal rewards from the chests, it’s just not that fun. Seems like it’s all about VIP and pay to play. Not what I expected from the legendary Dungeons and Dragons

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I find it best, for us f2p players to just treat it as the incredible slow moving game it is. Open your chests every few hours. Run your challenges every few hours, and PvP (win or lose) to get chests. Eventually you get decent chests that help boost you up.

I stalled at L4, and now trying to get past L6.

Progress is slow, but steady. The earlier poster is right… once you can clear two bosses in a challenge, you can start getting some good gear. Be careful of advancing to the next challenge unless you’re pretty sure you can beat at least one boss in it, because you’ll need to pay to get into earlier ones.