Where's the new Dino's

This reminds me of the first Jurassic Park movie where they are riding in these remote controlled cars and the one guy asks, “Hey, aren’t there suppose to be dinosaurs on this ride?” “Hello??? Anybody there???”

We just had an update. Aren’t there suppose to be some new dino’s to hunt for? Hello??? Anybody there?

Somebody put out a goat as bait and maybe draw one.


The only one that spawns naturally is microraptor which spawns at local area 2

Since I was hunting Local 4 creatures for so long, and it is such a large zone around here, I am astonished to find that Local 2 is mere square BLOCKS big, as opposed to 4 which is square MILES. I could bike along a 2 mile stretch of river and still be in Zone 4, now I see one eupolceph, maybe a nodo and before I know it I’m back in Zone 4.

Looks like Microraptor is in a micro zone and is a micro spawn.

No wonder they’re selling incubators. I would imagine once the sales are over it’ll show up more regularly.

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Beta is an event exclusive and ghost is only available in incubators in aviary and above

I’ve been thinking this for the last few updates… you don’t even need to go dart, you just need a credit card and chill… this isn’t what i signed up for hahahah!

Bit gutted you can’t just go out and dart Beta… was looking forward to seeing that little guy hopping about the place.

Can’t fault the update, it’s just incredibly dull and hasn’t exactly added much to the game :confused: