Which 1.8 hybrids can you unlock?

So which of the new hybrids are you in a position to guarantee an unlock immediately, and which are you likely to unlock with some good fuses? when I say guaranteed unlock I mean you have at least 20 fuses worth of DNA to guarantee 200 DNA at 10 dna per fuse.

For me the only guaranteed unlocks are:


The one’s i’m likely to unlock with a few good fuses above 10:


And last legendary i’m not close due to lack of Dsunga dna is Dsungaia

As for unique I got enough Tany to guarantee an unlock so far. Ardentismaxima will likely be the last to unlock.

Levels required:

Smilocephalosaurus (Legendary)
Pachycephalosaurus (Epic) - Requires level 15
Smilodon (Epic) - Requires level 15

Diplovenator (Legendary)
Diplocaulus GEN2 (Rare) - Requires level 15
Concavenator (Epic) - Requires level 15

Dsungaia (Legendary)
Dsungaripterus (Rare) - Requires level 15
Miragaia (Common) - Requires level 15

Pteraquetzal (Legendary)
Pteranodon (Epic) - Requires level 15
Quetzalcoatlus (Rare) - Requires level 15

Carnotarkus (Legendary)
Wuerhosa urus (Rare) - Requires level 15
Purutaurus (Epic) - Requires level 15

Ardentismaxima (Unique)
Ardontosaurus (Legendary) - Requires level 20
Brachiosaurus (Epic) - Requires level 20

Quetzorion (Unique)
Tanycolagreus (Common) - Requires level 20
Pteraquetzal (Legendary) - Requires level 20

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I figured out the Dsungaia so asked my alliance for it so have enough to unlock.

Need 2x 100 fuses for everything else

Uniques. :joy::joy::joy:

Wonder if most of them EVER will see the arena?

Who playes without distraction?

I guess Diploven could be used. But who will then level it over 20 ?


Everyone will play same stuff.

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Tany unique will most likely be useful. Ardentismaxima can be useful if will be fast enough.

Most likely for legendaries all will depend of stats.
Thor will still terrorise everyithing that doesn’t have distracting move. Tryko will be even harder to beat, cause of higher damage.

Well I’m gonna be playing Ardentismaxima and Dsungia. I’m gonna give Tany hybrid a go as it seems decent. Pteraquetzal seems bad, not sure about Diplovenator. Carnotarkus seems powerful and smilosephalus seems very powerful

I’m likely to get Carnotarkus. Got plenty of puru DNA at lvl 15 with 300/300, not exactly sure on Wuerho, she’s lvl 10 with 1681/300 DNA (they used to be so common here before the daily migration happened, have seen them in other areas instead of mine now).

Yeah I lvl’d my Puru to 21 and stopped there in the hope it might get a unique, but sadly got a legendary and means all those DNA from 6 levels lost. Still it does well in the arena at lvl 21, wish it hadn’t been nerfed though.

I will be able to get Diplovenator, Pteraquetzal possibly Smilosephalus and Carnotarkus. Quite far away from Ardentismaxima, but the sanctuaries will take care of that for me. Tany hybrid might not be too difficult

Tany hybrid would be easier if sanctuaries were allowing flyers from the start, but for now it is going to be an easier one to get than Ardent.

Which is my favourite hybrid from this patch. Can’t wait to start using it

The Tany hybrid?

Puru relies mostly on its rending damage anyway, so its attack nerf won’t affect him too much. Once I get the legendary, it will make a great team with my Kapro. Even puru works at the moment, lower the big guys’ health, then drop a Kapro, then next critter’s in for some massive damage.

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For the last 3 weeks I have got Brachy DNA from the epic Incubators as well

Brachy hybrid

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Ah, I still need 846 Brachi dna to get it to lvl 20. Still Brachi is in JW2 next week.

Going all out on that. Sadly I’ve run out of Secondonto DNA for the time being and my Ardonto is stuck at 18😭
But sanctuaries will soon sort that out😀

Maybe Brachi or Second will be next months daily mission reward. personally i’d be happy for any epic that is used for the new hybrids!

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Hoping so, it looks very powerful. Just wondering how Geminititan fares up against it

Kind of expecting stats to be something like this
Stat wise for Ardentismaxima, I’m expecting
Health 5100-5400

Attack 1000-1070

Speed 107-110

Crit 20/30 (they said it had a good crit chance, so it leads me to think 20 more than 30)

Armour 0- 10 ( kind of makes sense as Brachy has the 10, but there was no mention in the release notes)


= Smilodon + Pachycephalosaurus

Evasive Strike

Precise Pounce

Rampage and Run

Deliberate Prowl

Swap-in Stun


= Diplocaulus GEN 2 + Concavenator

Definite Strike

Instant Distraction

Distracting Impact

Distracting Rampage

Precise Shattering Counter Attack


= Dsungaripterus + Miragaia

Shielded Decelerating Strike

Ferocious Strike



Decelerating Counter Attack


= Pteranodon + Quetzalcoatlus

Superiority Strike

Long Protection

Nullifying Impact

Impact and Run

Armor-Piercing Counter Attack


= Purutaurus + Wuerhosaurus

Superiority Strike

Long Protection

Precise Rampage

Instant Distraction

Greater Rending Counter Attack


= Ardontosaurus + Brachiosaurus

Decelerating Strike

Decelerating Impact

Definite Rampage

Instant Invincibility



= Pteraquetzal + Tanycolagreus

Armor Piercing Strike


Long Invincibility

Nullifying Rampage

Swap in Dodge