Which 1 is better Paramoloch or Tragodistis?



Please help me.

Paramoloch or Tragodistis?
Paramoloch or Tragodistis?

Paramoloch is better but you seem’s out of Stigi DNA


I have 234 and that’s what they give in epic incubator’s so I should be ok. And thank you for the info


Para better then tragod? Hoping he ain’t following that advice. Lol


I’m starting to think Lian is a troll after reading some of his replies. IMHO Trag is vastly superior.


Tray is way better , although plenty of Dino’s seem to counter the invincibility now .


Does either one get the superior strike?


Yes, Trag does have that.


Thank you that is who I will work on. My third legendary unless I get her before stegodus


Tragodistis is great in battle. Haven’t created the other one yet.

It seems to me that when you find one Parasaurolophus there are many of them in an area. Every day you can find 6 - 10 of them in the same area (subdivision etc) for a couple weeks then they move somewhere else.


I fought that Paramoloch, he was like, “Hello! … Goodbye! … Hello again! What a beauty full day, hum? Sorry, I got to go now! But first take that hit buddy!” “Rampage and run” is very powerful, that’s what I seen! But it’s hard to get Stigi DNA (pay Incubator), if I could do it, I will! I already got Tragodisis (easier to do and free) but you can follow the tank Meta!
Think differently seem’s to be forbidden in this place! You can just follow the rules and be a sheep!


If anyone has either one could you post pics so I can see moves and stats please.


The real thing is I don’t have Paramoloch, why? This Is the P2W legendary hybrid with his cousin Tuoramoloch, the only way to get Stigimoloch very quick is by buying incubators!


whenever i fight para, he jacks me up then runs away but never really defeats me. trago is more effective and usefull.



I’m pretty sure that trag is super hard countered by gorgosuchus which are everywhere in arena ATM. Against a gorgosuchus a para could kill and run giving you a fresh Dino to fight their second just something to think about, other considerations do you have other tanks, do you have other speedy damage dealers



Sorry, their is a misunderstand from me, when you see wich one is better than the other, I seen wich one is better for a team, where I’m battling, Tragodistis is useless (Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Trikosaurus, etc…), but if those 2 are fighting together Tragodistis is the best!


Ok now really confused. Think I will do the stigy fusions first


Trag beats gorg unless he already has ferocious strike up but 1v1 from the beginning trag destroys him…rampage, stun, rampage and hes dead