Which Apex are you?

I made a personality test with some JW Alive Apex dinosaurs. By answering these questions, you will find which dinosaur fits your personality.

  1. Choose a habitat.
  • Forests
  • Plains
  • Caves
  • Seashores
  • Mountains
  • Terrain
  • Tundra

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  1. Chose an ability.
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Resistance
  • Endurance
  • Flying
  • Precision
  • Camouflage
  • Stealth

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  1. Which describes you?
  • Determined
  • Agile
  • Fearless
  • Intelligent
  • Ungiving
  • Silent
  • Resilient
  • Hideous

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The answers will be updated soon!

Why can’t i vote?

I re-did it

I will reveal answers in 4d

With points

Answers (Choose only your option, and calculate your points):

  1. Habitat
    Forests - 60
    Seashores - 20
    Mountains - 50
    Tundra - 40
    Caves - 70
    Plains - 10
    Terrain - 80
    Enclosure - 30

  2. Ability
    Resistance - 60
    Strength - 80
    Camouflage - 20
    Precision - 70
    Speed - 30
    Stealth - 40
    Endurance - 10
    Flying - 50

  3. Description
    Intelligent - 70
    Fearless - 50
    Silent - 60
    Determined - 40
    Resilient - 10
    Ungiving - 80
    Agile - 30
    Hideous - 20

30-60 points: Ceramagnus
60-90 points: Imperatosuchus
90-120 points: Refranantem
120-150 points: Gorgotrebax
150-180 points: Haast Maximus
180-210 points: Hadros Lux
210-240 points: Hydra Boa
240-270 points: Mortem Rex

Thank you for taking the quiz, you can share it, comment and tell me how I can improve it.


What did you all get?

I got Hadros Lux by choosing Mountains, Strength, and Intelligent.

Nice! (10 characters)

Trebax(coincidentally my favourite) by putting Seashore, Precision and Silent

Refre putting Seashores, Camouflage, and Intelligent

Got Haast Maximus and i actually made a made up personality of some hybrid

I got Haast by choosing Seashores, Strength and Intelligent.

Forests, Resistance, Resilient: Gorgotrebax! My friend got the same by choosing Mountains, Endurance, and Intelligent.

This was fun, thanks! :blush:

Wow I chose the exact same things
But I feel I’m a Ref Hydra or Imperato

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It’s actually easy to do this, you just have to order by personality (Strength=Mortem, Speed=Refra), and give each question the number of points the dinosaur is divided by. 10 is least possible, and 80 is max, so Ceramagnus is the least with 30-60 and Mortem is the highest with 240-270, and you have to order it:
10p = Ceramagnus
20p = Imperatosuchus
30p = Refranantem
40p = Gorgotrebax
50p = Haast Maximus
60p = Hadros Lux
70p = Hydra Boa
80p = Mortem Rex

Just order it by Ceramagnus, which is most subtle, and Mortem Rex, which is moat iconic with a personality.

And speaking of that, this is your meaning:

Ceramagnus. If you got this ceratopsian, it means you are calm, wise and not quick to anger.
Imperatosuchus. If you got this, it means you are sometimes cold and cruel, but bold too. You do not meddle in others’ problems.
Refranantem. Your name means Rush, and you are very intelligent and quick, but maybe careless too. But you can achieve what you want without problems.
Gorgotrebax. You are intimidating, fast and determined. You are independent and respectful.
Haast Maximus. You are free as a bird, light-hearted and joyful. Nothing troubles you mostly, and you are never sad.
Hadros Lux. This means you are caring, intelligent and you stand up for others who can’t You are mostly selfless, and if someone had a problem, you can help.
Hydra Boa. You are the most wisest. Your knowledge and determination helps you to succeed. You never fail.
Mortem Rex. If you got this, you are brave, intelligent and powerful. You fear nothing, but you may be quick to anger.

Do these personalities match you? I got Hydra Boa, by the was, and I think it fits.

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You’re welcome!

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I think Hadros fits me more than Haast does.

I guess ref fits more than Haast