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Which apex creature is better?

Mortem Rex at Level 30 OR Haast Maximus at Level 30. To clarify, which of the two are better in terms of stats and attacks.

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If it’s for real dinosaurs(the one we’ve read about in encyclopedias and books),mine are :
Mesozoic creatures :-

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Baryonyx
  3. Velociraptor
  4. Giganotosaurus
  5. Pteranodon
  6. Triceratops
  7. Ankylosaurus
  8. Stegosaurus
  9. Torosaurus
  10. Styracosaurus

Aquatic Creatures :-

  1. Mosasaurus
  2. Megalodon
  3. Ichythiosaurus
  4. Opthalmosaurus
  5. Plesiosaurus

Cenozoic creature :-

  1. Sabretooth
  2. Dire Wolf
  3. Wooly Mammoth
  4. Wooly Rhino
  5. Argentavis

Not what I meant, but thanks.


I would say haast maximus only because of the priority attack.
Mortem is great for getting a big hit in but unless you have it boosted in speed it struggles to get more than 1 hit in a 1 v 1.

Whilst haast maximus has great survivability with the dodge and distraction and has the priority rampage.

[Edit] oh I forgot but I feel like haast maximus will do decent vs the flocks due to its Fearless flap move which is a group attack.
Like mortem has roar but it can be distracted meaning it won’t kill more than 1 flock member whilst Fearless flap cleanses.


Ok. Thanks for the awnser

Try testing them in the arena simulator in the JWA Toolbox to find your answer!


Ok thanks!

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They aren’t really comparable, both designed for totally different roles
Ones all about brute force and the other is dodging and distraction


He’s talking about Mortem Rex or Haast Maximus-