Which are your best dinos and combos in your team


I am casual player and I’m in arena 3 “S.S. Arcadia”
For me they will be Ankylosaurus, Einiasuchus, and Stegosaurus. I love the Ankylo because it is great counter for raptors. The Stego is also good for raptors but usually I use it when I’m in tough spot. And at last but not least Eniasuchus, armored, with the combo Ferocious strike and stunning inpact easily melt other dinos ( welp from my arena ).


My Amargasaurus shuts raptors down real quick when people think their going to get the advantage with it. My Dimetrodon is a tough little guy that breaks shields and bypasses armor, and my Sichomimis is very helpful too with his damage over time attack. Those are the three I’m always happy to see on my team. As an honorable mention, the velociraptor is also nice when it can be you getting all the fast kills in for once and not others.