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Which are your favorite new dinos in 1.6?


Just curious to see which the community likes the most!

Normal Dinos:

  • Scolosaurus
  • Scaphognathus
  • Maiasaura
  • Pachycephalosaurus

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  • Procerathomimus
  • Edmontoguanodon
  • Skoolasaurus
  • Darwezopteryx
  • Stgyidaryx
  • Pterovexus

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Not sure enough of us have enough if them to vote as of yet but I’m curious see results…


Yeah nobody has Scolosaurus or Skoolasaurus yet but we do at least know the stats since they are up on Metahub’s Dinodex.


Havent seen the Maiasaurus yet or the other 2…love the Procerathomimus though, it’s a strong dino with a good moveset…seems to be better than Monomimus…


I want solo so bad… Like really bad and I think the MOD voting for him is confirming my need for him

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