Which arenas?

EDIT: In which arenas are players not likely to have any stegods, tragos, or monomimus? Or i-rex for that matter. I’m so sick of fighting them and want to drop to a level where they are rare to nonexistent. Maybe Lockdown? or the one before that? Plus, I want to play with weird and fun dinos, not the same 5 or 6 with a couple that rotate in and out.

Any suggestions?

It’s nothing to do with Arenas. It all depends what dinosaurs a given player has on their team.

for sure at some point it does. people in arena 1 don’t have legendary hybrids except the (most likely) very few that bought a legendary incubator.

I would go badlands. I think there was a post somewhere,that level 16 stegos etc are present in lockdown

Yes, that is true, but you could theoretically have a player who has built up their team but not played the Arena until they were ready to crush their way up. Unlikely but it still comes down to dinosaurs on team not by Arena.

When I was in Lockdown (Arena 6) I only came across Indominus Rex and Stegod on very few occasions, and that was when I was at the top end of Arena 6. Don’t forget when you are at the top end of an Arena you can face those in the arena above.

I have only ever come across Monomimus in Arena 7 Sorna Marshes. So I would say anything below Lockdown Arena 6 you shouldn’t expect to see any, but you may on the odd occasion in Arena 6 but mainly towards the top end.

Thanks for the advice! On my way down now… haha! A change of scenery will be nice, too.

I’ve only been playing about 6 weeks. I’m currently in Lockdown. I have encountered 3 indominous rex so pretty infrequent. I dont think I did in Badlands at all.

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Got to arena 4 won an epic container not opened it yet 2hrs to go , can I at least expect a T Rex gen 2 or allosaurus gorgosaurus ,failing that indominus rex so I can produce a indoraptor lol ? Will let you know what I recieve ok.being into palintology I had quite a collection before moving to Zambia a lot from Chesil beach ,and the isle of Wight, mainly iguanodon,plesiosaurs, some shark teeth ,many crustacean fossils , unfortunately had to leave my collection and tools in UK ,but enjoying this game very much great job personally I love Raptors for their intelligence.

I got my stegodeus when I was in lockdown. I also regularly got my heiny handed to me by higher level players with indominus Rex slumming it at my level. I can’t imagine you are safe at any level as long as people deliberately keep dropping themselves farther down the rankings.