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Which battles better: Gorgosuchus or Megalosuchus?


This tournament has made me focus on leveling up only those dinos who help me move up to 4000+.

I have a level 18 Gorgosuchus that is on my team. When I had enough Gorgo DNA I created a level 16 Meglo thinking this legendary would be way better in battles but he seems to die every time I use him.

It is obviously easier / quicker to level up the Gorgosuchus than grind him for Megalo.

So you guys who are above me - would you level up the Gorgo?

Current Stats:
Megalosuches lvl 16. Health 2763; Damage 614; Passive Counter Attack 1x.
Good move set but no 2x.

Gorgosuchus lvl 18. Health 2437: Damage 921: NO Passive but does have Defense Shattering Rampage 2x which has a 1 cooldown.

Lastly - what is your “best” move sequence for both of these?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


Have the same question.


Check this thread

Then, to have specifi advice, maybe put in that thread a link to your post.


I prefer gorg although I have never made mega bur my gorfgis half way to 23. He is by no means a fight starter but if you clean up the previous dino with ferocious strike you have super powered rampage for the next dino.