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Which beast?

To put it simply, I’m tempted to switch out Stygidarex for Quetzorion when I unlock it. What would you guys think of this decision?

Anything would be better than Stygidaryx, even Diloracheirus.


In my experience if has been useful in some circumstances but not anymore. I’m thinking Quetz cause I can still swap it in to take a big hit and hit back hard

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@PedroNisbetto Quetzo is fragile as all speedsters at base lvl and low lvls for unique. Unless you lvl it fast or boost it, doubt its much better than Stygi. Those nitro Thors will chew it easily.

You can try some other dinos instead of Stygi if you need to swap it fast.

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Do it, stygidaryx is the worst unique and Quetzorion is amazing :heart_eyes:


I’m with Tommy on this one. I like Stygidaryx, but it frankly doesn’t perform very well. I don’t have Quetzorion, but I would very much like to have one on my squad. :slight_smile:

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Quetzorion is one of my favourite dinos in the game. She’s speedy and hits hard. SideStep is super handy when you need to wait for the rampage to unlock too.

Hmm, I might put it as a toss-up between Styg and Toura right now. Both can work, but usually don’t. Quetz would be good (trying to create mine still) though it has never been much of a problem for me to deal with. It should be, but I think i have just gotten very lucky against it. I have had okay luck with my Erlik (good kit), but it’s also situational. And you already have Thyla (as do I) so maybe not another bleeder.

Why have stygidaryx in the first place?

Orion >>>>>>> stygidaryx

Go with whichever dinosaur would best fill the gaps or weaknesses on your team.

Orion needs to be boosted to be better than Stgyi at low unique lvls. Stygi can bleed Tryko, Thor, that can easily takeout Zorion, if they can survive Nullifying Rampage. At higher lvls, Zorion is clearly better than Stygi.

By bleed tryko you mean either cleanse and probably let something else kill it or stay and die in one hit. Also Orion can beat it easily

If swaps in, then cleansing swoop.

That Zorion will barely scratch Tryko. Head to head with Stygi Zorion wins, of course.

Based on dino lvls creator of this thread is in Library or high Aviary, which means that low level unboosted Zorion is useless. Tried my lvl 24 unboosted Zorion and didn’t do well, so I safely benched it.