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Which clan is the best?

As I’m sure everyone has a different opinion as to the correct answer to this, why not have a way to prove it? Clan based competition, like the arena. It could reset with the arena timer. Like an alpha fight, the clan would work together to accumulate points.

Speaking of alphas, maybe some bigger ones could be thrown in the game.

Follow up to suggestions… I always see, thanks I’ll let the team know! But, what did they say? Even if it’s not a definitive answer, a “yeah we like it, maybe in the future” would be nice. Or even a no response, so we dont keep bringing the same suggestions up.


There was a time when it was Valhalla then either akatsuki or lion heart. There was a clear top 3 who were light years ahead of the next best.

Now the alphas are so ridiculously easy that there are probably 200+ clans beating 10* daily.