Which Common and Rare would you run out the door for?


For me, it’s these:



All of what you listed.


Tarbo, every Tarbo.:t_rex:

Those dinos in your list are also attractive.


@Tarbosaurus that’s a lot. Hopefully it gets turbo-hybrid speed up. So owen could summon a speeding ticket for your tarbo.


can’t be help but just love how dedicated your love for Tarbosaurus. very impressive.


I think you mean to say … tarbo-charged ??



I am just thinking the same thing.:thinking:
That might mean “tarbo-hybrid”, but been auto corrected.:wink:


Every single VRaptor

Wouldn’t go out of my way to leave the house for any rare unless I seen something else I wanted like Trex or VRaptor already out there.

I have literally ran out the door in my boxer shorts before when I seen a Trex spawn just a few tens of metres from my house.


way to stay on brand, tarbosaurus!