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Which creature do boosts unbalance the most?

For me that’s easy - magna. Hands down.

Can’t be distracted, can’t be slowed down, can’t be blocked, can’t use dodge, can’t use RTC, can’t stun… add boosts to that mix and you got a dumb little slug that rips through most everything. Oh, and let’s not forget that it crits way more than the 20% stat leads you to believe.

So, what creature do you think boosts unbalance the most?

Not that Ludia gives a rip about balance anymore. Oh wait, there is one balance they REALLY care about - their bank account balance.


Other than DC?

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I would have to go with DC.

But really, boosts have the potential to unbalance every dino. Thor with speed and damage is a beast. Maxima with speed and attack is a beast. Indo G2 with more speed and attack is a beast.

I have seen Velo that were absurdly unbalanced too.

But, because of its swap-in and the need to kill it quick, I think the winner is DC. A high attack defense boosted DC is super dangerous. I think Indo G2 is already unbalanced, but if I run into one of those that is super boosted, it may be worse than DC.

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All of those you can stun, dodge, distract, slow… I have no problem with them.

Oh, and bleed… You can make them bleeeeeddd…

I think you said it all @ Tuco. I agree 100%.

I keep hearing people blame Thor being OP on Boosts, so we’ll say Thor, and Rat.

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Boosted thor its for me the most disgusting think on JWA, a super boosted fast pig with insane atack stats ,40% crit on papper wich looks way igher on reality and instant coward atack, and where that stupid thing got is 109 speed Ludia? if both is ingredients are slower then 106.
RAT and proceRAT are nerf immune im not even lose my time complaining about those 2 piece of mercredi🤜


Does everyone believe that the crit % is rigged or something? It’s much easier to explain that human perception brings us to the wrong conclusion. Heck, I wouldn’t trust my perception.
And in the topic, any tyrant or close dino can be problematic If overboosted from what I’ve seen. If that magna faces an erlidom even If not as high level or as boosted It will probably still lose.


Its Draco and Thor. Its always been Draco and Thor and always will be.

Actually, Thor became less of an issue when a bunch of decent counters turned up, but boosts 2.0 messed that up. Nothing has ever been able to counter Draco, and it is overpowered as is.


Boost + full immunity…
As you said, things like magna. max. Procera. tryo. gemini (lucky diplo is hard to come by).

I think the game itself is really balanced, beside a few outliners hust cautions strike hust.
But ludia will never be able to balance all creatures around boosts.

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I do not agree at all. Geminititan and Ardentis are also immune and also have much more health. Erlidominus is also immune, is faster and his first hit is x2., Etc. I do not think that Magna is one of the creatures most benefited by the boosts and that is easy to see looking at the TOP players who have all their creatures at 30 and could choose who to booste and put on the team and while only half use Magna almost everyone uses Tryko, Ardentis, IndoGwen2 and Gripolith …

An over 30 speed thora or tryostronix can kill a full team

Draco most likely. Reason: most other critters will invest in low to medium HP, and go either all-out on attack, or mostly attack and rest on speed. Very few critters benefit from going 20 on HP. Draco can go 20 on attack and the rest can either be spent on his speed or HP, it usually doesn’t need either as all it has to do is sit patiently until the match is 2-2 and then show up. On rare situations where 2-2 cannot be ensured, draco will be dropped on field and can benefit from T10 HP. Otherwise the speed and HP saved can be put on Thor (all speed) and Tryko/dioraja/carnotarkus (all HP).

All of them? Boosts in general have ruined well thought out balance


Although all dinosaurs have the ability to become unbalanced with boosts, others can still be made stronger with boosts to counter them. Look at all dinosaurs unboosted and see which ones are the most difficult to beat. Since they were already challenging to beat before they are the ones that can be unbalanced by boosts the most.

Boost caps do little to restrict super boosting when many dinosaurs only need one or two of their stats boosted to be a problem to defeat. Rat doesn’t really need speed boosts when she can surprise attack, take a hit, cleanse and heal, and runaway to be used again. Thor doesn’t need health boosts if she is faster with a heavy damaging chomp that can one hit many dinosaurs. Every 2 damage or health boosts is close to the equivalent of raising a dinosaur 1 level. An unboosted level 25 Thor facing a level 25 Thor with T10 Health and T10 Damage is equivalent to the lv25 unboosted facing a lv30 unboosted (which is very unbalanced). And there are still 5 boost points available so just 1 boost spent on speed and the speed tie between the unboosted Thor and the boosted Thor is gone. In 1v1 the boosted Thor is going to win everytime. Boosts still increase stats by too much. Personally, if there has to be a boost system, I would have rather seen boosts stay on a 10 tier system but each boost only changes the stat by 1%. Then boosts would give a little advantage over unboosted dinosaurs but even fully boosted it’s not more than a 2 level advantage. Yes, Speed as well. The fastest Thor could get to is about 120 (109 + 10.9). If they wanted to keep a cap system similar to what there is now, then it could be a T20 system with each tier increasing a stat by .5% but also cut the price of a boost in half.

I accidentally dumped all my boosts into my tryostronix, not understanding the new boost system. I dont regret it however, as I can be losing 2-nil and bring it back with Tryo with near consistency. I love my Tryo

Dracoceratops and Thor are the most frequently unbalanced by boosts creatures that I see.


Ardentomaxima for me. It’s crazy that Ludia makes all those new hybrids so OP!

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Speed really unbalances Thor too. I’ve come up against Thor’s with 5000 health, 2300 attack and 141ish speed. It’s obscene.

I feel like since speed boosts are a thing, it’s instant stun should become just a stunning move.

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Procerathomimus, I hate that thing, even without boosts it’s a monster who deserves to be nerfed to the ground