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Which creature groups needs a buff?

So I took a category of creature groups that I think needs a buff. these don’t include hybrids only NON-hybrids. I just want to know your opinion on what you think needs a buff.

  • Large Pterosaurs
  • Medium Pterosaurs
  • Small Pterosaurs
  • Sauropods with the Brachiosaurus Animation
  • Sauropods with Apatosaurus animation (besides diplodocus)
  • Large Theropods
  • Medium Theropods
  • Small theropods (like dilophosaurus animation)
  • Hadrosaurs
  • Elephants
  • Therizinosaurids
  • Ankylosaurids
  • Stegosaurids
  • Ceratopsids
  • Deers
  • Gorgonopsids
  • Oviraprteroids

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Please remembers this does not include hybrids and apexes

Voted large Theropods since every single one of them gets their behinds kicked by creatures they should defeat (Testa and Skoona), and in case they don’t, you can be sure a swap in will happen to finish the Theropod.

But I’d say it’s more about specific creatures and rarities than about groups… As usual, the game is completely unbalanced, and the sad thing is that they choose to do that on purpose, only to make people spend on “new toys”… Just look at the current top10 players in the arena and you’ll see only about 9 or 10 creatures amongst all their teams. How ridiculous is that? When we have dozens of Uniques available, plus the Apexes, but we know only a minority of them is viable at the top…

Regarding whole groups I can only say the one that does NOT need a buff: FLOCKS!.. Only thing that makes them not be top contenders (yet) is Testa and Skoona. Those two keep them in their place (and unfortunately ruin many other creatures too). But flock completely dominate legendary and epic tourneys.


Pretty much all. Most creatures from these categories need buffs


yep testa needs a buff too


Testa doesn’t need a buff he was literally just nerfed because he was able to beat dinos he shouldn’t be able to


No it really doesn’t


Buff indoraptor for god sakes but not indoraptor gen 2


It doesn’t really need a buff. It’s so cheap and easy to make, so it really, really needs to stay as far from any buffs as possible. It’s so easy to make, with multiple raids, super easy to get ingredients, all fueling how easy it is to get. No need to buff it.


Bro what
Just because it’s easy to make, it shouldn’t be unviable, when it’s specifically a lategame creature (unique).

Indoraptor is REALLY struggling with viability, it absolutely does need something to be buffed about him.

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Also, “cheap to make”
It costs the same ammount of coins as any other unique :joy:

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True, but I feel it’s more of a “Baby’s first Unique!” dino, than anything. It gets you through Lockwood Estate into Aviary, and falls off there, unless you continue to use a Nitro Indo. And as a beginner Unique, it shouldn’t get you much farther than Aviary. Plus, looking at Ludia’s recent track history of buffing dinos, (Looking at the specific creature with Antlers rn) they’d probably overdo the buff and make it OP. I just don’t want another super easy to Nitro dino like pre 2.7 Monometro and Thor in the Aviary.


I agree that indoraptor doesn’t need a buff

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I believe the Testa guy was being sarcastic about the previous comment. It’s the only way his makes sense

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Literally every pterosaur need a buff lol

If you want to make the claim that it should be bad because it’s cheap then explain to me how it’s weaker than one of its components, and can’t even compare to Its competitor Erlidominus. Let’s not forget that for some people Indoraptor isn’t the easiest unique to make. Thorador, DracoC, and Scorpius g3 are also very easy to make yet are leagues above Indoraptor. Compsocaulus is literally made from 2 non-hybrid, non-exclusive creatures yet is in TYRANT TIER. Saying Indoraptor shouldn’t get a buff just because it’s easy to make is straight up wrong.

Indoraptor is part fierce, so why does it get bodied whenever it tries to fight almost any resilient? Yeah, it shouldn’t. The only uniques weaker than Indoraptor at the moment are the ones that are ALSO in need of a buff; Yeah I know Indoraptor is one of the easier uniques to make, but if INDOMINUS REX can be used in Nublar shores yet it’s weaker hybrid dies in the library, that’s a problem.


No it doesnt

I agree, indorap should be no better than a unique with event exclusive components, its just way to easy to make

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Isn’t that because, on average, they’re still harder to make? Sure, there’s bound to be some who can’t get Indo high level and can max Scorpius 3 in just about a month, but for the majority of players, they’re still harder to make. (With the exclusion of Thor, the DNA of that Green Plague is given out like candy…) Scorp 3, Dracerato, CompyC, all require FIPping to make. Plus, Indo has been out longer than most of these other guys, along with some of their ingredients. And Indo, along with it’s ingredients, have always had their raids since those specific raids were first introduced. Indo is the only Unique Raid that hasn’t been replaced, Indom is the only Legendary Raid that hasn’t been replaced, and T.Rex is the only Epic Raid that hasn’t been replaced. If you’ve played this game a little before, or even when 2.0 drops, you could constantly do these raids over time after they are introduced and get Indo decently leveled. However, let’s say, despite all this, Indo gets a buff. It gets 100 more attack, 1 more speed point, DSR, better immunities, and a signature move instead of Evasive Stance, or something like this. Suddenly, instead of “Buff Indo” threads, there’d probably be more “Nerf Indo” threads, saying that Indo is too strong for what it’s made of. Even if it didn’t get this big of a buff as I’m mentioning, the buff would probably be enough to make it easy for Nitro Indos to dominate lower arenas. Whilst sure, Indo is trash late game, it’s quite popular early game, and can be found as early as Lockdown, and into Aviary. If Indo were to be buffed, smaller players would be going for nothing but Indo, and the lower arenas would be filled to the brim with Indo after Indo after Indo in nearly every battle. Friendly reminder that that’s only in lower arenas though. Once in higher ones, like Lockwood Estate and Aviary, everyone’s bound to have an Indo, leveled and boosted. Further up, into Lockwood Library, everyone would have Indo close to max or maxed out. It’d get super stale, super fast. Especially when you realize that Indo’s not made of any new dinos or any exclusives, like previously mentioned CompyC, so a lot of people would have the DNA ready to fire up in case of a buff. (They’d still need boosts, of course, but that’s a problem that can only really be resolved by Ludia.) Nobody wants another dino that just pollutes the arena and it’s already poor variety and that can be obtained relatively easily. Seriously, the arena already has Thors, Testa, Skoona, Indot, Phorex, and plenty others that nearly EVERYONE uses in higher up arenas. No need for one more. You can have your opinion on if Indo needs a buff or not, of course, but I’d personally prefer sticking to an Aviary where there isn’t another Nitro Dino running rampant.


Think about this: in aviary there is this plague of indoraptors that are only manageable because they can’t break shields. Now lets say it is buffed and they give it dsr. Firstly most people have indoraptor at multiple level higher than the average team, meaning that they’ll be able to one shot a lot of things. Not only that but a lot of the resilient that are use to counter this thing will become useless and lets not even talk about cunning who can’t even distract indoraptor enough to survive because of its 75% distraction resistance. Only dodgers and flocks would be able to kill it. So yeah no buff to it. And as for indominus, it’s because of its ridiculous amount of resistances, good damage and health that it is able to be use in shores.


People don’t realize how much stegosaurs and ankylosaurs need a buff. Name one unique small pterosaur. You got one? Now name a unique large pterosaur. I bet you’re thinking of Stygidaryx. Okay then, name a unique stegosaur. Now name a unique ankylosaur. Still stuck on the stegosaur part?

Ankylosaurs should be in second or first place while medium pterosaurs take the spot ankylosaurs haven’t taken. Stegosaurs should be in 3rd.