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Which creature groups needs a buff?

Are you talking about indoraptor gen 2 are indoraptor gen 1?

Tbf both of them don’t need a buff, or a major one at that. Indo G1 could usea movekit change though, something like Fierce Strike, Cleansing Impact, High Pounce, Instant Ambush.

Neither of them need a buff

When do you think we should buff them

  • We should buff some of them next update
  • We should buff them in a future update
  • Yeah, we can decide about that when the game is less buggy

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testa needs a buff because its too weak. it’s not op. testa, you need to buff it opp and nerf it up to the xd. it loses to the very stupid doir

Excuse me what

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Have you ever seen that killing machine in action, it destroys even the likes of the stuff that counters it, like thor

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so he really isn’t being sarcastic

Testa has the capability to defeat a lvl26 morty half boosted if it’s lvl is high enough and it’s boosted a little bit so testa definitely doesn’t need a buff if anything it needs less resistance against some stuff


It can be slowed effortlessly.
Nitro Indo is genuinely garbage, it’s only viable build is tank and even that is meh.
And just because Testa, Skoona and others need nerfs, doesn’t justify being one of the franchise icons being this mediocre.

Indoraptor has plenty counters, even at lower levels, so it absolutely wouldn’t be gamebreaking to buff it, lol.

Yet can it’s counters be as reliably leveled? Indo more or less carry many teams to arenas in which the player wouldn’t be in with the rest of their team simply because indotrash is made of 2 global Everytime dinos.


It has plenty of counters because it isn’t buffed. If it was able break shields it would be the end of its resilient counters and when it comes to cunning, they can’t even distract it enough that it makes a difference and it’s ok against fierce, relying mostly on dodge and distraction. So that’s why I don’t want to see it buffed, because of the huge potential and if anything I’d only buff it’s health to 4500 so that it stops getting KO’d by everything.


Say it louder for the people in the back! Seriously, this is why Thor, and why a newly buffed Indoraptor are problematic. They’re so easy to get and level, and chances are they’re higher level than their counters. So, yes, Indoraptor would still be counterable, but in all likelihood, the Indoraptor will be stronger and more boosted, and will overpower the thing that’s supposed to beat them.

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Always wanted a anky and stego model unique.

Hopefully Bumpy keeps his model if he gets a hybrid.

Also there is one spot left for stego. Hopefully it is used to make a unique :pray:

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Yes, there are epics that beat it, they are easy to level.

Not at all.
It doesn’t need to be shielded to be beaten.

That’s literally how I beat it with dio and entelolania and gem. Maybe if they were on the same level I wouldn’t need the shields but my highest, dio, levelled is only 24 and my least, gem, is 21 while almost every indo is around 28 to 30. Other creatures like my magna and grinch are only able to beat it if faster, erlidom only works if it dodges and thor usually dies.

The only one I am aware of is Ankylodod. Which is more or less mind games and it leaves the Ankylod at really low health.

Which also requires two daily Commons, and a rare park spawn. While these requirements might seem much smaller I will guarantee you that it is not. It is so much easier to grind up the two global anytimes then it is to get the three ingredients for Ankylod. Also any alliance with veteran players will have velico and trex in spades.

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