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Which creature groups needs a buff?

I was assuming even level or 2-3 lvl diff max

The groups that i think should have a buff are rhinos and gliding lizards. Other creatures that should be buffed are sinosauropteryx and refrenatem Coelurosauravus, sinosauropteryx and coelhaast are the weakest of all flocks especially. The Commons because they lack reviving abbilities. They also aren’t very strong either. Although no rhino hybrid needs a buff or nerf it would be nice to see some changes in the non hybrid ones. Refrenatem needs a buff since he is the weakest apex considering most apexes have distraction resistance or cleanse

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Not woolly rhino though

Yep. Wolly rhino doesn’t need a buff. But bronto and elasmo do


The bruh moment

Not into that late game stage yet, but no. I’ve seen it in YT videos and it is so cool