Which Creature Would Win In A Mass Fight to the Death? (Every Creature Locked In A Room)

I once did this in a Discord server and even though there were multiple opinions on the matter, the overwhelming unanimous decision was that Trykosaurus would win. At the time it was the Summer of 2019 in June or July. Everyone mostly agreed. So, I want to ask this again given all the new changes and additions.

The conditions are the exact same. People wanted intense details because that decided who would win for them. They asked questions such as is there anything for the little ones to hide behind. So no. There is nothing to hide behind as there is nothing in the room. There is a big room. Huge. Big enough to fit every single creature in the game. Every creature from Common to Apex. And you can include the new creatures that were leaked that aren’t yet here.

The thing about this room is there are no windows and only one door and it will not open until there is only one creature left alive in the room. The room is made out of steel. They asked that too. It can hold everything inside the room. Again, there is nothing to hide behind, but when bodies start dropping, yes, you could use a body as a shield.

Also none of the moves in the game are relevant here. This battle is a raw power fight based on the dinosaur itself and what it can do with its build.

It’s funny. I think everyone pretty much agreed all the fliers would die almost immediately. A lot of people surprisingly said Gallimimus would win by hiding. But again, at the time, most agreed Trykosaurus.

What do the forums say?

Which dinosaur would survive and beat all the rest?


I would create a poll, but that’s a lot of creatures… Just post your creature you think would win and an explanation as to why.

Indominus GEN 2. If it’s canonically an improvement on the original, then it’s basically a living WMD. The original would’ve wiped out the entire park. The bio says it gets an adrenaline rush from hunting/killing so…

Safe to say it’s one of if not the only thing that would genuinely enjoy being locked in that room.

Short of deus ex mosasaur, no way it’s getting beaten by anything :laughing:


Tryko armor and made out of t rex dna

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@SonicNTGD @megalodon_gamer825 @DinoMaster3000

I’m actually liking the diversity here. I’m curious though as to what made Sonic choose a non-carnivore. I want to know the process of how you think this thing would live. Remember moves don’t exist. This would be them in their natural state biting and kicking and whatever else. I expect most to go carnivore. So curious why you chose Ardentismaxima. @SonicNTGD

@DinoMaster3000 Are you sure? Where did you hear this? I never read anything about this.

@megalodon_gamer825 Sticking to last year’s winner. Fair choice.


The room would still be “relatively” small… So I’m going with a Haast Eagle… It could fly for a long time in that room It would be better at avoiding the other flying birds, while they would have to make thighter circles, so use more energy and eventually have to land. Anything on the floor would likely end up bleeding to death eventually from such a messy fight and the last bird who’s smart enough to stay up until nothing move is likely the Haast :slight_smile:


I choose tryko because he uses t rex dna very strong and legendary dinosaur dna kentrosaur and anklosaur don’t make tryko any more peaceful instead giving him Armour

goat or lord lythronax


I’m leaning toward Thor winning, it would be among the fastest of the large carnivores thanks to Allo DNA, and has an extremely strong bite thanks to Tarbosaurus DNA.

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One of the sauropods without a doubt. If we are talking realistic fighting without their in game abilities that is. In a realistic fighting royale there’s no carnivore that can stand up to the sauropods. The finalists would be the biggest sauropods. If we assume the hybrids are as big as the biggest parent with it’s model then the biggest ones are: Brachi, Maxima, giraffatitan and nodopatotitan. I feel like Maxima’s sail would be a liability, so since potatotitan has such a sturdy armor It would be the final winner imo, but If Maxima is significantly bigger then It could still win.


If this is realistic then more of a reason for a sauropod to win. Adult sauropods are untouchable, unless they are a smaller species. But brachi is enormous, no carnivore would dare fight It.

I think when the scientist meant by improvement, they meant less anger issues but indy was in a paddock with baely any room for her whole life so she went on a killing spree cuz she was mistreated but would have eventually calmed down.

I say indy would win. If its the jurassic world version, let me say some last words to the other dinos, rip. That thing was a tank that destroyed buildings, was smart, could camouflage, was made up of like 15 animals(maybe including humans), lower its body temperature making it so no nullify works, could survive missiles, and was only taken down by an extremely big mosasaur that wouldn’t have killed indy if it was the normal size.

Indy was definitely nerfed so jwa creatures could compete.

Jurassic World indominus
Attack: 1800
Health: 6,000
Speed: 115
Armor: 15%
Crit: 30%
Fierce Strike
Bone Crushing Impact (Break shield, opponent vulnerable for 1 turn.
Armor Piercing Ramapge
Primal Revenge cloak (3 times normal, 4 times revenge)
Immune, 50% rend resist
I would say the stats and moves are pretty realistic for the real indy cuz she would coordinate an attack while in cloak to make the hit harder.

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I actually think dioraga because it has a club and armor making it good defensively and when attacking that raja adds a punch to it making it good overall. Plus tryko could get knocked down because if it’s club. Tell me if you agree or disagree

Also any Dino with out big teeth basically didn’t stand that much a chance for damage

It’s in the in-game bio, and info from when it was introduced.

I think it’s fair to say sauropods would have a higher chance of coming out on top, especially something like Nodopatotitan or Gigaspikasaur. But I still am saying Indom G2 just for another point I considered before making my choice. Sauropods beyond a certain size were generally unassailable by anything short of a pack gathering of a specific apex predator in the natural world. But this is in a hypothetical closed arena, so they wouldn’t have much room at all to move or maneuver.

And by physics alone, if a giant sauropod is toppled, it’d be killed by its own significant mass on impact with the ground. (Same probably goes for top heavy behemoths like Trkyo). Which is exactly how Indominus killed sauropods in the Jurassic World and in Jurassic World: Evolution. It assaulted their legs and they fell in short order as she went from one to the next.

Other theropods like Thor, Spinonyx, and Tyrannolophosaur seem to be too gracile to make it through a slugfest like this.

I don’t think I’d count out Mortem though, I have a feeling that thing would be hard to slow down.

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It depends on how much room there is. I agree with @DinoMaster3000 that Indominus G2 could hypothetically kill just about anything, but if they’re all crowded together then all the sauropods need to do is start stomping and tail-whipping in unison. All the terrestrial creatures would get crushed under the weight of one another’s bodies or just from the sheer force of a blow from one of the sauropods.

Then I suppose Gemini would slurp up all the flying creatures and then it would be a sauropod-v-sauropod battle from there, so Gemini vs Maxima.

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I’m honestly surprised it took this long for someone to mention Mortem Rex! I thought this thread would turn into Mortem Rex versus Trykosaurus. I’m truly shocked at how different this is than the Discord server.

This is why I am waiting for everyone saying Ardentismaxima or anything similar would win. They still have to explain how it would kill because you must remember the rules. This battle isn’t over until only one remains. The only door, which is the only exit to this room, will literally not open until there is only one creature remaining.

I’m not shocked no one chose a Cenozoic creature really.

@DinoMaster3000 @Isaah_Wii @SonicNTGD

So do you who say a Saurapod wish to explain how they would kill and destroy others? Because are you saying it comes down to them in the final 10 or 5 or whatever? There can only be one left standing. In the other discussion people started discussing which would be among the first to die and what would be left alive closer to the end.

I am truly shocked by this more than anything. I want to know why this eagle is smarter than every other flier out there. And how it avoids the teeth of all the chompers or being swatted? This room is small enough to where it forces everything to constantly be within fair range of everything else, so there is no room to hide or get distance.

Besides do you really think everything else will bleed out and none of the other fliers would live? What about them fighting? Also don’t think they can peck out a few eyes on this Saurapods that @Isaah_Wii @SonicNTGD and @DinoMaster3000 love.

@Qaw I would also like your input on these last few replies from me.

I am truly shocked at the forums taking a non carnivore approach. I would assume most would assume that the sharp teeth would kill most things within the first few moments. Then you have armor to think about on these low to the ground creatures. All the creatures like Smilodon and such have not been mentioned much. People have fliers winning though.

I would say gemini purely because it’s the only omnivore and has sharp teeth.