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Which Creature Would Win In A Mass Fight to the Death? (Every Creature Locked In A Room)

I am truly shocked by this more than anything. I want to know why this eagle is smarter than every other flier out there. And how it avoids the teeth of all the chompers or being swatted? This room is small enough to where it forces everything to constantly be within fair range of everything else, so there is no room to hide or get distance.

Besides do you really think everything else will bleed out and none of the other fliers would live? What about them fighting? Also don’t think they can peck out a few eyes on this Saurapods that @Isaah_Wii @SonicNTGD and @DinoMaster3000 love.

@Qaw I would also like your input on these last few replies from me.

I am truly shocked at the forums taking a non carnivore approach. I would assume most would assume that the sharp teeth would kill most things within the first few moments. Then you have armor to think about on these low to the ground creatures. All the creatures like Smilodon and such have not been mentioned much. People have fliers winning though.

I would say gemini purely because it’s the only omnivore and has sharp teeth.

Easy, Nodopatotitan. It would be the biggest creature in the room by far and could literally step on things to kill them. Tryko armor? Tryko would be slow and easily crushed by a ardentis stomp(if we are going to JP terms). Indoraptor? The indoraptor really doesn’t have the raw power to take on a massive power. In a room with no shenanigans it would get bodied (But it would be of the few creatures that would want to fight for fun, so I guess it has that advantage?) Thordor? It’s fast(ish) speed wouldn’t help much in close quarters, and it’s small size would make him get bodied by other bigger carnivores. The only real problems to the sauropods(Maxima, Brachi, Nopatotitan, giraffititan) would be the indoms, but like @Qaw said if all the sauropods start attacking at the same time, almost all creatures would be crushed. To people who said Gemini here take a look. I’m taking the sauropod sizes to be the exact same as that of their parents. Diplodocus is the one up top and brachi is the one on the bottom

The size difference is clear, gem would get bodied hard by most large carnivores and even some medium sized ones like Thor. Maximas sail would be a liability and if broken they would cause heavy bleeding and possibly death. Nodopatotitan would be tied for the biggest creature with giraffititan but nodopatotitans armored hide would give it the win.


If the sauropods fell on indom wouldn’t the indom die as well? If the room is crowded with bodies, the indom won’t be able to get very far before the behemoths dropped on her. I do agree with you on the last few points though. Spinonyx despite being the biggest carnivore there would be heavily at an disadvantage because of its massive sail

But what about Indoraptor being the smartest creature in the room? I am surprised no one is bringing this up as it was a big topic last year when I first asked this question. Trykosaurus won for them because of its raw power and hardened armor and the fact that they didn’t see much that could get to its weak spots and the strength of its clubbed tail. I guess I am still in shock it wasn’t that versus Mortem Rex.

Also people mentioned Indominus Rex, but not even the cloak for the reason it would win.

I just thought someone would say Indoraptor would out think the rest and adapt intellectually.

@Qaw @Isaah_Wii @DinoMaster3000 @Earlidominus @TheUltimateRex @Colin @CADEN_EPIC @megalodon_gamer825 @real_gambler @SonicNTGD

Indoraptor is clever but against a room full of towers there is not much it can do other than climb on top of the sauropods. If the sauropods did end up in the final few the fliers would cause a massive problem cause the sauropods couldn’t do anything about them. And most of the fliers are designed to be bleeders and up close with the armor could find gaps in them. The only sauropod that could catch them would be Gemini but as @TheUltimateRex Gem wouldn’t last long.

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Fliers like stigidaryx would not have a good time, their parents have wingspans of 40 feet and they need a long running start to even fly. But the one like pterovexus would fare well, if the small and much more maneuverable Haast’s eagle didn’t get them first. But even then, the teeth of these small pterosaurs wouldn’t be enough to pierce the thick skin of sauropods. Ever seen an elephant bleed to death because it got poked by a heron?

Don’t you consider neck biting in this? I mean if it climbed up on them couldn’t you see it just biting the neck? I honestly see Trykosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mortem Rex and many other big chompers biting the necks of these saurapods and many other dinosaurs. At some point in a room with a massive brawl everything has to die except one.

I just wonder how many are thinking out the whole battle.

If we’re talking adults, the larger sauropods easily dominate any kind of carnivore. Indominus is the exception of course, but when you’re all crowded together going invisible isn’t going to help, and you can’t get out of the way of falling bodies or massive attacks that may not even have been targeted at you in the first place. The sauropods have the sheer mass to crush everything else, teeth, claws and all. Even if you can bite through a sauropod’s armour, getting a well-placed bite in all the chaos isn’t going to be easy, especially when you’re talking about getting your jaws around what is essentially a vertical wall. To bite something you need to physically get it between your jaws. You could aim for the neck, but in the case of Brachi, Giraffatitan, Nodopato and Maxima it’ll be out of reach. Going for the tail is usually a bad idea, and I’m not sure how much damage that would deal anyway.

Besides, in order to attack you’d have to get within being-crushed distance.

Indoraptor Gen 2 and Blue are both extremely intelligent, but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do.
Neither of them can take down sauropods anyway.

Maybe Tuoramoloch would have ESP or something though. We know that it’s spikes give it some sort of unknown sensory powers, and in raids it’s the only creature capable of somehow increasing the speed of the rest of the team, almost like it’s moving them with its mind.
That one’s a bit far-fetched though.

Another equally far-fetched one is regarding the Indominuses again. You see, they have the ability to change their heat signature, something they allegedly got from tree frogs, but this is contradictory. Tree frogs use colour-changing to change the way their bodies emit heat (different colours emit heat differently ) but in the movie, the Indominus does this while invisible, which is scientifically impossible. This suggests that maybe it has some other way of regulating its heat signature. You could blow this uncertainty waay out of proportion and say that it would be able to go all Alatreon and melt/freeze all the other creatures that get too close.

Also, I’d like to return to a point @DinoMaster3000 brought up. Adrenaline and Indom G2. Human beings have done some crazy stuff under the influence of adrenaline, so a gigantic bloodthirsty carnivore that’s genetically modified to exploit this effect should not be overlooked.


Neck biting isn’t really in the picture. All the sauropods that people are talking about(except Gem) would have their necks far out of the reach of theropods. Sharp teeth doesn’t always mean instant victory, for example against an ankylos armor even a Rex has trouble. If nodopatotitan and nodopatosaurus have armor like nodosaurus does, sharp teeth are not going to help. But like @Qaw said, indom g2 under the influence of adrenaline could do a lot of harm but it probably wouldn’t win because going berserk also has a lot of health issues. The reason adrenaline let’s us do things we normally couldn’t is because it essentially eliminates our bodies safety limit. This is bad for indom because over exertion could easily make it kill itself.

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Two things.

  1. I think this is like a timeless debate, but just because it’s cloaked doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a different color. If it truly works that way then just because it changes from let’s say grey to pink doesn’t make it stop being pink because it’s invisible. You just can’t see the pink so theoretically the heat emissions should not stop.

  2. I am extremely interested in @DinoMaster3000’s adrenaline talk because I recall the heat signature and cloaking from the movie, but this Gen 2 was never in a movie, only the game. So when did they say anything about adrenaline? Or is he speaking of Mutual Fury being that?

But what does being invisible mean? The most plausible option IMO is that it changes its color to that of water. That would mean that it can’t emit heat signatures of other colors

I’m glad you brought that up and I’m trying to not spoil too much of the Discord server conversation, but while the room is big enough to contain all these dinosaurs its got reasonable space for them to attack and such, some were saying a lot of big dinosaurs, even the sauropods would tire themselves out from the amount of movement in that room in a brawl.

Which is why some were saying Monomimus would win due to hiding and waiting out things tiring out and dying.

**The mechanisms by which the brain is able to summon greater reserves of power have not been well explored, but it may be related to another of fear’s superpowers: analgesia, or the inability to feel pain. When I’m at the gym, straining to complete the last rep of a dumbbell exercise, it’s pretty hard to imagine that my muscles have the capacity to work half again harder than they already are. What I feel is screaming agony.

But under intense pressure—whether it’s a bodybuilding competition, a kid trapped under a car, or an attacking bear—you just won’t feel that pain. The body pulls out all the stops and lets you turn up the dial up to “11”. You don’t feel the ache of your muscles. You don’t feel the pain. You just do what needs to be done.**

Got this off of Scientific American. A guy who’s usual limit is 700 pounds apparently managed to lift 3000 to get someone out from under a car. Imagine Indominus G2 pulsing black and yellow (Sharkopaths, anyone?), then hurling Ardentismaxima across the room (there’s more than a little exaggeration at play here) and crushing everything else under its body. Sure, it might break a few bones, but it might win.

I guess I look at it like this. A cloak is a cloak not a color. Harry Potter’s robe is still black under his invisibility cloak and your outfit is still blue or red or purple or whatever in a game like Planetside 2 as a cloaked Infiltrator. You just have a cloak over that color.

Indominus cloaks by changing colour. It’s based on how cuttlefish camouflage.


Oh yeah that’s right. I’m thinking about the game. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Again how would you hide? Even without getting attacked directly, monomimmus would get destroyed its bones are built for speed and even getting grazed by a sauropod tail will kill it.

To answer @Qaw that is what I was saying, tossing a Maxima will definitely be over exertion and probably kill the indom. And even adrenaline has its limits. A 6 ton creature tossing a 62 ton creature will hurt and probably not work very well.

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I guess if it’s that small of a room :laughing:

@EllehcimEyanahc As for Indoraptor, it’d be kinda like this in comparison: A barefisted human vs a gorilla, or a hyena, or polar bear. We’d beat something like a boar or a wild dog hand to hand, but no way do we come out on top in those other scenarios when we’re out of our weight class. Smarts don’t always win the day, especially since Indoraptor is hopelessly and hilariously outgunned against a titan like Maxima or Mortem.

@Qaw my point about Indominus G2 exactly. If it’s like other animals, adrenaline surges don’t have the same ill aftereffects as it would on us humans such as fatigue and heart palpitations, but instead in the animal kingdom usually registers as a pleasure sensation with equal levels of dopamine. Especially in young animals. So if the lore is to be followed, it would be worked into a state of euphoria in its murder spree :fearful:.An adrenaline and dopamine spiked 15+ meter carnivore with scythe tipped claws, long reach, wicked intelligence, cloaking, body heat manipulation, and a huge jaw hinge range of motion would be a freight train of death.

On the sauropod spectrum, I think Gigaspikasaur is getting overlooked. It’s not titanically huge, but those side facing spikes could ruin a lot of days in that confined situation. Gemini would vacuum up the pterosaurs, but it’s short Diplodocus-like stature would mean insta-death from any chompers, or perfect stomp height from Nodopatotitan.

Also, if Mortem is at its raid size, that thing is monstrously huge lol. That could be a major factor.

Sidenote: I know they aren’t winning anything, but how do you guys think the giant snakes like Dilophoboa would fare? I mean Diloboa is supposedly quite venomous and 14+ meters long.


Never really understood how that worked. It would need to change its color every second to keep matching and would have to look different from every angle. Even cuttlefish can’t do that. And to cloak like cuttlefish, the indoms skin would have to be like a cuttlefish’s. Slimy and unarmored.