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Which Creature Would Win In A Mass Fight to the Death? (Every Creature Locked In A Room)

Ok I just want to get one thing straight. If you agree, give me a heart. Out of the land creatures, Gemini and maxima are going to win. After that, we don’t know about the aquatics.

Not Gemini, it would be the size of a diplodocus, which is hunted very easily by allos and similar carnivores. A Rex sized creature could body it easily.

Let me tell you something, a allosaurus Thor’s biggest component would be 36 feet long(average), that would make Thor about 36 feet long as well. This size would make it small enough to be killed even by some of the smaller sauropods, a tail whip to the leg, a kick to the side, a stomp to the back…
A creature that will struggle against a stegosaurus will definitely not be able to kill a brachi or argentino

Tarbosaurus is the largest of Thor’s components not Allosaurus, its almost as tall and long as a Tyrannosaurus.

felines like smilodon (+hybrids) and mars. lion (+hybrids) ?

Sure… turbo was 10-12 meters long, on average 11. That’s 33-36 feet

No, Thor would be about 36ft in length, 1/3 of the size of a Titanosaur. An maxima or Argentino could just step on it.

First of all, Titanoboa and Mudjungoboa would not have venom or poison, they are constrictors, they don’t have venom. Second of all, the venom from dilophoboa and spinocon would be a blinding one, not a lethal one. The venom shot from Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park doesn’t harm Denis Nedry at all, just blinds him.


If you’re saying any of those could realistically take down an elephant, i highly doubt It. Much less marsupial lion, It wasn’t a big animal.
Smilodon is specialised on hunting a certain way. It has to overpower its prey with it’s extremely strong arms( It was more muscular than today’s cats) and then get the kill with a precise bite. The teeth couldn’t take as much stress. It couldn’t overpower an elephant, so i think it’s very unlikely It would be able to get that killing bite.



The lion and other cats are far too small to be a threat to a sauropod.

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The in-game description says otherwise

where in that body of text does it state that a creature smaller than a human can threaten a sauropod?

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Whoa, they changed it. Now that’s interesting.

This is from the 1.7 release notes. If they changed it in-game , that probably means it’s no longer game-canon.

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Clearly the devs never looked at how small the lion was when they said it was a sauropod killer, chances are they saw ark survival evolved’s heavily roided design and thought it was accurate :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

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Let me stop you right there. While it is likely Giganotosaurus preyed on Argentinosaurus, they usually did so in a pack. And, even then, they usually went after old and weakened ones or their young. Plus, Argentinosaurus’ are not interested in fighting and, therefore, in a bloodlust situation (like how I’m assuming this is), then Giga has no chance one on 1.


Don’t stop it. Go ahead, read entirely. Your considerations are presumably assumed in my message :sunglasses:

What, did you think I stopped at Giga? I read the thing but that right there was something I needed correcting. Also, the thing with tianoboa… We know it’s big but one of its matchups here would be against Tyrannosaurus, in which a matchup is pretty even. And Tyrannosaurus can’t even knock over a sauropod. Also, you are forgetting how the giant sauropods can just step on the snake, right? No, they won’t get the chance to crush the things leg because A, they’d get stepped on head to head, or B, something else will take them out first. Plus, water isn’t exactly allowed here so… that’s another thing out of the question.

Revise: No water, everything is somehow not going to get hungry or thristy, everything is bloodlusted, everything is at their best. Even grounds now.

The extract you’ve provided explains why that’s impossible.

They can stand on 2 feet in the Jurassic Park franchise, and whether they could run or not, they wouldn’t need to.

I’m not sure how much of a difference severing a tendon would make given that the sauropods aren’t going anywhere anyway, but I’ll see if I can find anything on that.

Again, speed doesn’t matter. If the snake wants to fight a sauropod, it needs to stop moving.

That’s on a full stomach, and besides, the battle isn’t going to last that long anyway, and the Titanoboa almost certainly isn’t. Herbivores can and do become predatory in captivity, especially when starved, but not necessarily. And these herbivores have predator DNA anyway. At least one of them is an omnivore.

If the Titanoboa is going to gorge itself, it’ll have to swallow a large animal, making it a big helpless target.

And Titanoboa was at best around 40 feet long. The excerpt you’ve provided (the one with the 70-foot one) appears to be talking about the TV show Primeval evolution, it even has quotes from the characters.