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Which Creature Would Win In A Mass Fight to the Death? (Every Creature Locked In A Room)

Yes they do.

The ingame moves don’t count

Yeah. We agree. Why’d you post this? lol

Post what?

It was just weird what you posted under me saying none of the moves in games are relevant. It was just parroting as we both agree so I was wondering if you misread it maybe.

But this has been fun to see how people view the snakes differently.

I still think some people are escaping my point though on the difference of size and speed. No one is saying they are super fast, but in order to actually catch and strangle anything they have to be at least quick enough to do so. Otherwise how would they get around people in the first place?

There HAS to be some comparison between them. Even if you look at a wider variety of snakes in comparison to humans and how they attack us. I think you’re just trying to ignore the point because even if you drop everything you disagree with me about and look purely at your size claim it doesn’t make sense.

The main point I was making and it’s true is that perception does not alter speed. Just because an ant is extremely small in comparison to us does not mean that its perception of a silverfish being larger than we perceive it because it’s closer to its size is slower. It’s still very very fast.

Why won’t you address this issue? Forget about the points you don’t agree with. Can you actually say whether you agree or not with this so we can move forward? I guarantee you won’t answer this question.

Oh, okay I didn’t know I was parroting

like indoraptor and the Agujaceratops head

id assume ardentismaxima is the largest. i think it wins.

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alloraptor may have a chance though, considering its a big raptor with bigger claws and a strong bite

Can someone who actually agrees with Creative_Screen_name try to pick up where they left off and validate that view that size matters?

I just want to know that no one else here believes that size matters. Think of your own body. You do things and perform at a certain speed and such, but if something extremely small looks up at you or if we had big dinosaurs looking down at us, our size doesn’t matter because we still move at the same speed.

I just want to know that we all agree on this. Because if we can’t agree on this we have a major issue where as it comes to our addressing key things that matter as far as how something operates with another.

I wish Creative would actually address this issue, but instead they keep going around it, saying my mind is already made up and not actually focusing on this isolated point which could be applied to anything.

For example…

Let’s say you took a basic number 2 pencil and rolled it on a desk’s flat surface. Would it not roll at the same exact speed whether a cat was watching it or an Allosaurus or a gorilla or a fish or a butterfly or even a flea? The pencil still rolls at the same speed. It’s still what it is regardless of its surrounding environment and still moves as it moves.

Once we address this issue we can talk about snakes again. But in order to have a deeper discussion we have to isolate these things individually and break them down. Now if we all don’t agree I am highly interested in some proof.

There’s your answer. Snakes are slow, regardless of who or what views it, end of story. They can’t move very fast and as such cannot do major damage to major threats like Max or Mortem

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But they can or how do they take us out?

Smaller snakes can be extremely fast, but the larger ones are only fast within a certain radius of their center of mass, hence why they’re ambush hunters.

That said, if you look at the way the snakes in JWA move, they do not follow this rule, so…


They may not, but they don’t possess the physical prowess to bring down a titanosaur


It has evaded and it is a living weapon.

It might survive for a bit or convince other dinos to help it but I doubt it could survive getting crushed by rampaging titanosaurs