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Which current creature should get a gen 2?

What species should get a gen 2?

In my opinion, none. There are a lot of cool creatures that we can use instead of just copy pasting the same one with a few tweaks.


Deinocheirus carno troodon

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Gen 2s are so 2019… we need a Dimetrodon Gen 3.
Because this one goes to 11.

Personally, I don’t agree with GEN 2, there are a lot of different creatures to put on. If it is a different character, like the RAPTORS in the movie, it can be, but not create, for example, a RAPTOR GEN 2.

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stego gen2 is a dream, mammoth gen2 is even better

Carnotaurus needs one.

Mammoth needs one.

Both are currently too weak to be useful on anyone’s team. They need stronger counterparts.

That being said I’d also LOVE for a T-Tex Gen3, or the green Bull TRex from The Lost World

Raptor. It’s one of the only creatures released in JWTG that has yet to be released in alive, and they’re obviously saving it for something, I’m just wondering what.

I’d rather none as well. Too many other potential creatures out there that take that spot.

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How about thoradolosaur gen 2

Pteranodon gen 2 absolutely must come out !!!