Which Dino Are You


Haven’t seen this topic since I got here, so here goes: Which dinosaur are you? Feel free to specify gen 1/gen 2, and give explanation!

I for one would be a crusty Ankylosaurus, because I too am armored to my eyeballs, and my spiky exterior hides a warm squishy heart of gold.


I think I’m a combination of a few (not saying I’m an Irex, though it would explain a lot). I tend to think I’m of the Spinosaur line though; not the strongest but you still don’t wanna mess with me.


A gorgosaurus, because i’m gorgeous


:expressionless: don’t steal my joke :tipping_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️


I’m a Stegoceratops because everyone I know is stunned by the things I do!


I would be a Pyroraptor because like raptors, I tend to use my smarts in a given situation. Working things out before acting. As to why I’d be a Pyroraptor specifically, I prefer my dinosaurs with feathers (where appropriate) and of the two feathered raptors in the game, the Pyro has the nicer plumage. Plus I prefer it’s lean sleeker build over the Utah’s bulkier frame.


Stegosaurus. Friendly and calm but dont mess around with me or my pack or ill swoop my tail in your face without fear!


dimetrodon… because I laugh at everything and he always looks like he’s laughing :joy: