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Which dino carries you?

So, we all know that boosts allow players to punch above their weight class, so…

Which dino do you rely on to win battles? What’s that one that you have boosted so much that players who could out play you with their eyes closed on an even playing field have no hope?

The cowardly twins DC and Monostego?
Magna? Erlidom?
Maybe it’s the OP, completely miscalculated IndoG2 or Procera.

So, what makes up for your inability to strategize?

I think the way you have worded this post will mean not too many will answer it!!!

My team is pretty balanced, and I’ve not got more boosts on any Dino than another.
However, if I get Magna, Erlidom, Monostegotops and Tryko I feel pretty confident.
Problem is I tend to get Tuora, Diora, Utasino and Thor more often than not.

I totally get where you’re coming from though.
The worst matches are against massively boosted Thor, the rat, Ardentismaxima and the like.


Thor is the only one I have super boosted. But I don’t use her in arena. I only use her as an advantage in Epic strike events where I need her.

In the arena I’ve been using only unboosted dinosaurs and no Thor, no Rat. I still lose a lot more than I win but it’s been more fun to get an evenly matched battle. Losses I experience most are due to boosted Rats or Thor’s or both of them together.

Little George (Gorgosuchus) has been very good to me at times.

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My level 24 erlidom along with my level 22 tryko

Dio is my fav opener.

I like to open with Utasinoraptor, but I can’t always afford to do that because of a certain dino that likes to swap in and destroy her after one turn…

Otherwise, IndoG2. Doesn’t perform as well as most people say she does (for me), but goodness do people PANIC when they see her. 50/50 chance I’ll get an easy win because of all the swapping around (when they could have taken her out by just letting the first dino go).

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I refuse to buy boosts now so nothing is overboosted.

Always happier when Magna and Erlido appear in my team tho.

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IMO, the way you worded your question makes you sound like a jerk.

I rely on all my dinos to win battles. When you play mostly unboosted, you need to strategize more and play things a bit differently.
Only 1 is boosted lv 21 Tryko. Plenty of counters so she isn’t an OP monster. I don’t have anything over leveled compared to the rest of the team. 18-22 is my range. I have a 22 proceratho that for the life of her barely dodges anything. an 18 indo g2, newly created smilonemys, 21 erlidom, 22 spyx, 18 thyla and 20 smiloceph, which i’m always happy to pull because her kit is so flexible.


If there are rats around, it would be my lvl 24 Erlidom with T10/T13/T1 or my team of unboosted lvl 20 Utasino + lvl 25 Kapro boosted 0/T1/T4. If there were no rats, I could rely on my lvl 22 T3/T2/T8 Erlikospyx against Thor or on my lvl 21 Ardentismaxima T2/0/0 against most stuff that isn’t too boosted. Ideal lineup would be Ardentismaxima, Erlikospyx, Erlidom, and last can be Carnotarkus or Kapro or Nodopatotitan.
Worst lineup would be Tenontorex, Utasino, Nodopatotitan, and Kapro, although Nodo could set up for Tenonto if lucky, and Utasino + Kapro could help with removing rats.

I haven’t boosted anything to that level and never will. I have boosted my Indominus and Indoraptor to tier 5 as they are always in my team while everything else changes.

Ardentimaxima lvl 25 only but boosts to health and 1630 attack makes it a decent opener

Then this post is not directed at you.

My sarcasm may be strong in this one, but I’m not wrong.


Nothing on my team is boosted more than tier 2, and no one dino is a higher level than the rest of my team. However, I love my quetzorion, and I find that not everyone knows how it works and how to counter it properly yet, so I can use that to my advantage. Considering it’s a tyrant now, I’m also surprised at how little amount of players (at least at high aviary/low library) use this dino.


I agree quetzorion is one of my favs I rely on because it’s rather rare in aviary it counters many players well who don’t know how to handle her. My other staples are procerat (I know I know), and smilonemys who is amazing for rats

I agree to all of this, but I use a lot of boosts. I don’t rely on any of my dinosaurs more than the rest.

If the dinos are not useful, they would not be in my team of 8. Duh!

Magna (the Bulldozer), Indo Gen 1 (the Assassin) and Rinex (the Champion), if any of these come in I have a good feeling…if all 3 come in, im pretty much guaranteed a win but it does depend eventually on what they square off against.

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