Which Dino do you dislike/hate?

Maybe of its design, battle prowess, cost, hatch time or even, its name. For me it’s labyrinthosaurs it’s ugly nostrils and green colour ugh.


I don’t like iguanosuchus. It’s design isn’t that good and since he has stronger components he should be better than dracoceratops


Every cenozoic:
they are on average more expensive than dinos while being significantly weaker.

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A lot of hybrids, I don’t like for their names (Glythronax, Carnoraptor, Yudon, Pelecachtylus as examples) or for their designs (Rajastega, Megarchelon, Geolasmosaurus, Giganocephalus), but there are also none hybrids like Giganotosaurus, Unaysaurus, Metriorhyncus, and Diprotodon, all for how they are designed.


Spinosaurus needs a redesign IMO. It appears a bit clownish.


I think giga should have an entire rework especially with it’s new design for dominion


I don’t dislike any of them in particular.

Ophicodons kinda drive me nuts though…I get way too many of them. I still like the way it looks though.

Scorpios Rex looks like it is on some questionable substances. Like it needs to chill.


Pterodaustrio, hyneria, pelecanmimus, dsungaropterus, koolasuchus, nasuceratops, irritator, aerotitan, prionosuchus, alanqa, gigakylocephalus, helicoprion, xiphactinus, glyptodon, tsiantaosaurus, sphenacodon, sonorasaurus, bageherpeton, gillicus, edestus, bananogmius, cerazinosaurus, rhizodus, rhinoprotodon
And the worst pain - Allosaurus (as it isn’t Allosaurus but. Just some kind of t.rex)
My top dino and game ruined it still wait for real one as gen 2

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All Cenozoic’s, platecarpus, onchiopristis, coloborynicus, rhinoprotodon.

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Therizino as well

I absolutely dislike Rajastega’s looks. Once I joined JWA, my hate for it grew even more seeing how good its cousins’ designs were, imo. :grin::joy:

Dracoceratops is also another on my list in terms of design, but again these are just my personal opinions.


I’ll add on Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Nasutoceratops, Quetzalcoatlus, Dimetrodon, and Pyroraptor too.

Prob any cenozoic hybrid