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Which dino/hybrid should I call


Prowler, suggestions?


Or any raptor?

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I already called them “Rocket”, “Utah”, Pyro", “Quakers” and “Utahsino”, but it could be an option for any of the carnivores


Could someone please give me ideas?


Indoraptor is pretty prowly.

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Could be, but I already nicknamed it “Alita”


I’d say Erlidominus or Indominus Rex, due to the Cloaking… That, or one of the numerous Evasive Strike/Stance dinos!

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Maybe dracoceratops, because he’s always on alert, hiding from nerf parties.

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I already called it “Remy”


That could be a good idea, both have long claws just like Prowler’s gauntlets; so that’s a BIG maybe


Well, purutaurus ended up getting the nickname