Which dino is/are your starters?

My personal favorites are tragodistis(17) and paramoloch(19) which are yours? In stuck in sorna btw

Trago or Suchotator usually. Also stuck in Sorna lol

Indo(23), indom(20), monosteg(20) or spinotasuchus(19). Lockwood estate

Doesn’t seem to matter for me, my starting player is always a disaster.


Stegoceratops is usually my starter, if I don’t get her in my line-up then Spinotahraptor is my starter (until I get Spinotahsuchus which should be a tad-bit easier, finally got Kapro up to level 15) outside of those two, Postimetrodon is another one of my starters. If I happen to get none of those in my line up, then it’s Indominus Rex.

Ankylocodon or Monolometrodon. I’ve learned to start with something immune to slowdown attacks or other status impairments.



It really depends on what 4 dinos are chosen, but I usually start with Mono if I have another nullifyng like Tany, Spino if I have another faster in my fab 4 fighting, and so on.

I never start with Tryostronix, Tany or Draco.

Early lockwood.

Usually open with Tragodistis (25), if available, or Allosaurus (27)… If both are unavailable, I will open with my Suchotator… Stuck in Aviary…

Usually start with Utasino or Suchotator.

Starting with
Spinotasuchus 25
Tragodistis 26 or
Utarinex 22

I like to start with Thor.

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I sometime use Tragodist (depending if it’s not the only tank on my team) and Utahsinoraptor is also a good starter for me. But I usually open with Stegoceratops (if available).

Stegodeus, Monostego, or Stegocera…Early Lockwood Estates

Monostego, spinotasuchus or utasinoraptor. 42xx trophies

Oh what is your worst matchup with molometrodon? I think it’s the Boss fight this week. I wanna make a plan and get back in the winners circle after getting totally pummeled last week.

Um, Monolo doesn’t seem to really have the survivability and armor of Ankylocodon, but I’d say Mono’s best at taking down stegod or tragod, basically because it can nullify shields and do heavy damage. It doesn’t have really terriffic HP, so i try to use it to do as much damage as I can before swapping in another dino.

Suchotator, Indominous, or Stegodeus

No which Dino kills it. So I can use that against it in the strike event

It’s a hard one cause he immune with bulky HP & debuffs(my monolomet is lvl 21) I’d go something with high crit that can cleanse= Indo raptor

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Immune. . .