Which dino is/are your starters?


It does seem as simple as Raptor Raptor Raptor Dracorex Gen 2
I really hope they nerf its damage rather than adding a two turn swap out. He’s soooo much fun to use.


Usually start with:

Of course it depends on the deck that gets chosen, but I like to have something that can bleed, is immune, or can cleanse.

Then having 2 counterattack dinos helps cause if I’m afraid I’ll lose the first one, I can swap out and still have my starter which is usually faster.


Current team.


I generally float around 4800 trophies.


Bahaha @Anthony_Papadopoulos :
“Stuck In aviary” :joy:


Aaron, any armor piercing attacks can theoretically take down Anky. But they have to be high-damage or crits, especially when it’s a really high levelled anky.


It really depends on which four get chosen. I’m trying to level out my whole team so it’s not dependent on any one sort of dino (bleeders, tanks, etc.). I really like the flexibility.


How’s you get so much Kentro?


Ugh, that Draco g2 needs to burn away and never return. The amount of people using that thing now because of its swap in ability makes me want to barf.

I normally start with Para, Posti, or I-rex, sometimes stegod if those three aren’t available.


Got lucky I guess? Lol


For me, it depends on the team I draw.

Usually the only dinosaurs I don’t open from my deck are Tyrannolophosaurus and Diorajasaurus.

I open with Spinotasuchus, Touramoloch, Diloranosaurus or Allosinosaurus.

I don’t really like to open with Indominus rex or Indoraptor, but if the opportunity is given, I might.


Ankyocodon(25). Immune and slowing.