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Which dino(s) are fun for battles


If all your dinos were level 26, which would be your favorite to use?
Maybe its just slow in the game right now but battling with the same end game dinos is getting repetitive/boring.

Friendly battles are great as you can use a variety.

Loving Edmonto-hybrid and Tyrannolophosaur

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Diplotator. Diplocaulus (red). Dracoceratops (Pre adjustment) dracorex (green) braciosaurus tyranosaurs Rex maiasaurus pachysepholasaurus

With trysteronix tyranophalophosaurus (trywafelasaurus) alakylosairus and trygodontist edmontoguanadon as ones to swap in when it gets boring


My favorite is miragaia, deinocherius, erlikosaurus, baryonyx, or whatever you guys like :slightly_smiling_face:


If I had every dinosaur at level 30, Postimetrodon would still have a spot on my team. She’s tied for being my all-time favorite dinosaur (tied with Magna). I’d also use Suchotator, Pyroraptor and Erlikosaurus.


Ankylocodon, Monolometredon, Tenontorex, Utarinex, Utasinoraptor, Paramaloch, Tenontosaurus, T-Rex, Carnotaurus. Oh, and Magna! To name a few. :smiley:


Utasino is both fun to use and strong in battle. Love shooting off those crit-distract-impacts and stuns. It has a great diverse useful set with decent cooldowns.


My ideal team is very swap friendly so I could play around with different combinations. I had a similar one for the draft tournament we did and I had a blast with it.

Edmontoguanadon, Spinotasuchus, Stygidaryx, Trykosaurus, Utarinex, Dracoceratops, Diplodocus, Diloracheirus


I’ve been having loads of fun with Sarcorixis in strike events along with Dimodactylus. I’d like to make them mainstays but the arena is not the same as the strike events, unfortunately.


I’ve been having a good time using procerathomimus.


Swap in abilities.

Mixing those two and evasive.




Akinfenwa, indoraptor and probably TOAST (if I had dracoceratops)