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Which dino to grind?


Which dino should I grind for in prep for 1.7?
Please note im in L4 :’(


Grind to your liking. Bad dinos will get a buff eventually anyway.


I am as well. Rare Koola I think is getting one. Do you have any bus stops or train stations nearby? That’ll bring Erlikos (which will both have hybrids now) and raptors. Bear in mind there may be migration changes with 1.7. That’s what I hoping at least, cause its basically garbage.


I heard that Seco is in L4… Maybe you can collect them as much as possible for its new hybrid.


Geminititan is on the way though.


Carnotaurus and Koolasuchus g2 are components for new hybrids in 1.7. But the other component to each hybrid are arena exclusives atm.

If you know any L2 area you should grind Erliko g2.


If you mean secodontosaurus, no, that’s not in L4. But there’s also grypo whose hybrid is getting a buff I think.


Dart everything


Really? Then where is it?

Then is Koola in L4? Or am I wrong there as well?


I think that the good dinos that should be darted and asked in alliances are Allo and tarbo because thordor is almost the best dino in the game


Epic and rare Koola are both L4. Seco is L2. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies everyone, I have a few bus stops in my small town which I’ll head to all of them if I can tonight.

I have an epic scent which normally gives me Koolo so I will use one of them.