Which dino to prioritize?


First post here so hopefully I’m doing this right. I’m hoping the experts here can give me some advice regarding how best to use the TRex and Sino DNA I have left over. Long story short, I’ve been power-leveling the last few weeks and was able to finally add a few more legendary and my very first unique to the Dinodex. Being a completionist at heart, my priority is to get the dino and battle only when I need incubators. At the moment, I have 2300 TRex DNA and 1200 Sino DNA leftover and would really appreciate some advice on where best to use them:

Option 1: Erlidominus

  • Erlikosaurus is currently at level 18, I see one of those once a week

Option 2: Trykosaurus

  • Have enough DNA to level TRex from 15 to 20
  • Ankyntrosaurus is stagnant at level 16 due to lack of Kentro and Anky DNA

Option 3: Level Up Indorex from 20 to 21

Option 4: Level Up Indoraptor from 21 to 22

Option 1: Utarinex

  • Utasinoraptor currently at level 20
  • Dracorex only at level 17, they’ve become a bit scarce after the update

Option 2: Allosinosaurus

  • Currently at level 16 with about 10000 Allosaurus DNA


I was really interested in making these calculations but it is 1 AM italian time and I am sleeping while writing this on my laptop, so I am doing a UP on this thread to reminds me to look at this tomorrow :sweat_smile:


I vote level the indoraptor cause ypu are far for the rest, i leveled mine to25 before start creating elridominus, and when i have it at 25 i will work on trykosaurus xd


Just darted an Erlikosaurus, that wannabe bird is now level 19!

Regarding Indoraptor, is there a noticeable difference in performance between level 21 and 22?

Is Allosinosaurus with leveling up if I already have a level 20 Utahsinoraptor on the team?


Each lvl of indoraptor is a diference ofc
Allosino isnt good for me i have at 20 and didnt kiled any of top tanks whit him, low life cant survive a ss and a dpi or stegodeus who everybody have at 28,30.
Uthasino is very good and make utharinex who is one of the best uniques right now i think for open duels.
I created elridomimus cause is cool, but to be realist, for me is the worst unique atm xd


Thanks! I will leave my Allosinosaurus alone then. Dracorex has become a rare commodity these days, hopefully my Utahsinoraptor will help keep me in Jurassic Ruins


I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. Obviously allosino won’t survive at lvl 20 vs a lvl 28 stegod. lol nothing has a chance taking out a lvl 28 stegod at lvl 20. He’s just a beast, the only true counters are getting lucky with a crit from tryostronix, trykosaurus, or another high level stegod.

Allosino with his new shattering moves is pretty great. But just like any dino, you gotta level them up to make them viable.

My opinion
Trex dna: Since your ankyntrosaurus is so low, I’d level up the indo to level 23-24. By the time you get your ankyntro to lvl 20, your trex dna should be back up a bit to work towards trykosaurus. Erlidominus is a glass canon. He’s all luck since he’s so squishy and relies on cloak.

Sino dna: Despite me arguing for allosino, I do think you should hold off on leveling him up if dracorex is the only thing holding you back from Utarinex. You’ve already done the work with Utahsinoraptor, may as well see it through getting a new unique. Sino dna is hard to come by, and in the long run, Utarinex will be more useful.

…just don’t underestimate a level 24-25 allosino…


Definitely utarinex and trykosaurus