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Which Dino would you like to see in the alliance mission rewards?

I want allosaurus common again ornithomimus rare and sinoceratops epic

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Erliko (both G1 and G2)

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More sino… nope

Grypo, erlik g1, Irri, dcg1, dilo, and dieno any of those are good.


Darwino. I need so much. Will also be happy with Grypo.

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Stygimoloch (epic).

Darwin, Quetzal.

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Dilophosaurus Gen 2, Dilophosaurus, Monolophosaurus

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Irritator, baryonyx gen 2

sino makes utasino, utarinex, allosino, thor.
but it already was offered for long time. now many people have lvl 200 thors.

maybe dinos people have difficulty to get, like elements to fuse: magnapyritor, erlikospyx, trykosaurus or geminititan.

Dsungaripterus for sure

Everything on my wish list. Lol

Dsungaripterus, Arambourgiania, Koolasuchus (rare), Diplodocus, Gryposuchus, Pyroraptor, and most importantly Irritator. :blush: