Which Dinos are easy to evolve for beginners

I play JVA since a few months but not very often, I think my best evolve until now was Stegodeus. But now I don’t know which evolution I should most concentrate, Gitaffatitan to create Nodopatotitan? Or should I levelKentro to create Ankyntrosaurus, or any other? Is there a page with Tipps or can you help me for the next steps? Thx

Ankylocodon was my first. But it really depends more on what zone you live in, or whether your average hunting trips net more commons/rares than epics.

Start small, don’t push yourself. Just getting enough DNA isn’t the most frustrating bit. It’s fusing the DNA that gets frustrating, especially if you get hit by the “curse of 10s”.

But yeah, don’t go for fusing a legendary right off the bat. That takes lots of levelling, and even more patience than you think. Focus on collecting DNA for one or two rare hybrids first, to get yourself used to it.


Wow. Nevermind. Just saw that you have “n00bodeus”. Not bad, as Legendaries go. But definitely not a beginner hybrid. Purrolyth was a challenge for me, as both ingredients migrated out of the zone I work in. It’s not too high on the HP, but it can do some massive damage if it crits correctly.

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