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Which dinos should have been buffed/ nerfed patch1.14

What creatures should have been buffed or nerfed in this patch? And how. I would like to here your ideas.
Me for the most part would nerf:
Indo gen2
Indom gen2
And also non hybrids:
The turtle
The new creature, I can already tell they are to overpowered for commons
Every creature with persistent ferocious strike

The creature I think should get buffed:
And also really old dinos that have been absolutely forgotten and are absolut garbage:
And also non hybrids:
Basically any non hybrid dino pre 1.10


Gemini, Entelomoth, Mammolania (succeeded, but at what cost?) and Procerathomimus for lower arenas.

Basically every non tyrant unique, most of the useless legendaries, a lot of epic superhybrids.


They should have added attack to elasmo and put a longer cooldown on definite rampage.

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Procerath I can kinda agree
IG2 I can agree
Entmoth FR yes it needs a nerf no joke
Indom g2 Eh, Idk I think IndomG2 is balanced.

I think the nerf to carbonemys in the previous patch was too harsh, no more nerfs to carbonemys thank you very much.

Touramoloch I guess I can agree for a buff but I then again I think it’s fine, it has two rampages and a impact, though I must admit toura needs a distracting move
Grypolyth is fine in general. Maybe it can get it’s crit chance buffed.
Thor I admit it needs a HP buff and some armor.
Monorhino yeah needs some HP and it needs definite impact for rampage

Rajank needs a ferocious move like dio, maybe extend crit for FS?
Pyroraptor I think is alright. Only thing I would give it is immune to decal.
Monomimus needs a ATK increase
Deus needs some ATK also
Rex in general is ok, but it needs some speed love
Conc I would say it’s alright but I think it can use long defense strike
Ankylo I admit, it needs a counter attack.

And I almost forgot, the ceratopsians - all of them - need a buff. I don’t know what was going through Lydia’s mind when they destroyed them a few patches ago

They weren’t really destroyed. Each one of their respective rarity is top tier in every single tournament format one is allowed in.

Monostego has surprised me when I put it on my team. It really is a team player, saving me with it’s swap in and survivability

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Nerfed: Moth, gemini, mammolania( not the way It was), yoshi.

Buffed: Rinex, Monolorhino, Diloracheirus, Spyx, Tuora, Rajakylo, Thylacotator, Monomimus, carbotoceratops, Dilophoboa, Spinoconstrictor, Rex(slightly but she is the Queen, could be a bit stronger), Thor, Tenontorex, Testacornibus, Spinotasuchus, Megalosuchus, etc, i could go on with some forgotten non hybrids but i’ll stop here.

The turtle and indo gen2 no longer need nerfs imo. Indo gen2 is on the stronger side of low tyrant so It could lose the speed up on cautious strike, but ultimately a nerf is not needed.


Not really, sinoceratops was the only one doing okay, but also you have to admit, they are only good for annoying the opponent and dragging out the inevitable. Basically they need a massive attack boost

Nerfed : Boosts
Buffed : Ludia’s logic


Monostego is a staple in legendary tournaments and is even used in ones that allow uniques.

Sino and Stegocera are both used highly in epic tournaments.

Einias is a threat in rare tournaments, with Trike being used less but comboed with Nasuto and Einias can be lethal.

Trikeg2 is one of the best commons period.

They play a very important team supporting role, saving dying dinos, inflicting chip damage and debuffs, and just generally making the team play better and more fluidly as a whole. Just because they aren’t the 1v1 monsters they used to be doesn’t mean they’re bad.

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As someone who has won every type of skill tournament pretty much, I can tell you that they are everywhere.
In the common, I use both trike gen 2 and einia
In the rare, i use nasuto and trike
In the epic, I personally don’t use sino, but it is not something to be overlooked. I am using it in this current tournament at level 26 and it’s amazing
I’ve won the epic hybrid skill tournament twice now since the ceratopsian overhaul, and stegocera was on both times
I have won the legendary and legendary unique, both with monostego

They are not bad. Would I like them to get buffs, sure. But I can tell you from experience that they are phenomenal

Actually, some of them can be really good 1v1, like nasuto and monostego for their rarities. Nasuto’s distraction makes it a pain to kill and monostego has decent damage and multipliers. Their role is different now

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Indo Gen 2 already got nerfed. So that is a done deal
Indom Gen 2 never had an issue with. I think it needs a buff to be honest
Entelemoth I have only seen once in arena and that is it. So I do not think it needs a nerf
Turtle does not need a nerf. I think it needs either more of a speed boost because turtles can move fast on land when they want to. Also needs an attack boost.
Procerathomimus I think needs even more of a nerf because it is still oppressive in the arena.

Well if you say you won tournaments with ceratopsian, than I have nothing to put against it. But I think you can agree that they are mostly used to do the swap in stunning strike , then dig in and get out of there and be swapped in again. Then we have the same discussion we had with dracoceratops. Was it a good dino or not. In conclusion I would say, that they are good team players but bad stand alone dinos

Entelemoth is not seen due to mammoth dna. It’s the 2nd best creature after gemini. Indom is really good and doesn’t need a buff. Indo and turtle are fine 100%


That’s the point. I used kapro, nasuto, and trike. You just keep swapping these things in and out to work on creatures like ornith. The ceratopsians are really good and are staples

Indo gen2 nerf was pafhetic. They just removed the cleansing from cautions strike but forgot that mutual fury cleanses too. So really it wasn’t enough. Indom gen2 was on the list because of rarity and the comparison with indom gen1. Epics shouldn’t be better than uniques or legendarys. So either nerf indom gen2 or buff indom gen1, same with the indoraptors

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Indo is fine. It has its counters and it has it’s good matchups. Sure it wins more than it loses, but it’s not unbalanced. There are many legendaries that take it down like porkus and ardont. But it is supposed to be strong. I think @Qiew put it best, Indo gen 2 is supposed to be the final version of Indoraptor, so it should be stronger


And i stand by that belief.