Which dinos to nerf?

Which to nerf?

  • None of them

Lol, get rekt for thinking I wanted to nerf them

baryonyx :grin::grin:


Lol, feel ya man🤣

You almost gave me a heart attack with that subject line

I had my Patrick Stewart gif all lined up too!

Koolasuchas gen 2, dracorex gen 2, iguanadon, and purusaurus, both gen 2 and the rare… Other then that, with the exception of maybe a meglo and a Bary buff, things are pretty good.

nerf everything or none of them

Lol, it’s never enough to some people… I go to a topic and everyones saying “nerf indominus, nerf indoraptor, nerf everything we cant find counters for!”

Problem is there is always counters. There is no way not to find them. It’s more of a “we can’t beat” mentality

Ikr? Every dino has its counters, and in some cases, any dino can counter another… People just need to spend some time finding those counters instead of trying to nerf something because they cant beat it.

Correction, a “we can’t be bothered to think things through” mentality. :grin:

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