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Which dinosaur "antagonist" do you like the least?

  • Velociraptors (JP)
  • Rexy/Roberta
  • T. Rex “Buck” & “Doe”
  • Spinosaurus
  • Velociraptors (JPIII)
  • Indominus Rex
  • Indoraptor

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Indoraptor had one good moment, then spent the remainder of the movie chasing poorly-written clone kid and lost to a dinosaur less than half his size.

Are we talking the movie or this game? Because Indo was the most overpriced piece of junk ever in the movie. Evil capitalists would have been way ahead of the game to buy fire sale helicopters and what not

Plus these are the worst capitalists ever. They spent what appears to be billions to extract millions so they’re probably socialists


Talking about the movies.

Well there we go. The evil capitalists spent billions to make millions and the DPG killed innocents by freeing the dinos.


Everyone did a poor job but the DPG was as by far the most irresponsible and murderous

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The DPG are terrorists


I watched JP as a kid and hell these Velociraptors scared me. I had nightmares of them and they were so terrifying for me. I found Rexy always cool, but those intelligent raptors with those creepy eyes were really scary to me.

Now I find them very cool and since Blue appeared they became less terrifying imo.


Imo, the way the Indoraptor died was stupid.


This^^^^^. Exactly what I thought

The Indoraptor is the best. Love her


he survived a lethal dose of tranquillizers, a velociraptor capable of eliminating a squad of mercenaries, bullets designed to penetrate the thick skin of any carnivore and his imprisonment since he was a baby.

He dies falling into an old and fragile fossil … that thing seemed practically capable of eating a Xenomorph!


A bad movie make a Bad antagonist.
in JW 2, there are much easy way in story.
Indoraptor is just a big raptor. Indominus has much dna to make “surprise”.
But Indoraptor show nothing others capacity than his brain and raptor move

Look at my pfp, Ripper is right there!
I knew that he was gunna be least loved, Ive heard complaints of, “too humanoid!” “Too fake!” Many times before…

the bad thing about the indoraptor is its misuse in the movie … I summarize them like this:

in its design, indoraptor was synonymous with power, resistant in every way, light and fast like a raptor, but with jaws as powerful as those of the Rex, a physical strength greater than that of other dinosaurs of its size and developed senses , and even echolocation and a skin capable of resisting perforating projectiles, was also a very intelligent and ferocious creature.

was Jack The Ripper of Jurassic World, the raptors would be chickens in a chicken coop and the indoraptor would be the fox, Rexy is strong enough but the echolocation plus his torture kit would allow him to reach his vulnerable points … he would only be stopped by spino or indominus , but it would be a great adversary for these two.

in the movie he had a pretty good style in terms of terror, but they made him look too weak, and they squandered his enormous potential, I would love someone to make a comic of him and show all that potential that hides.

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Whoever voted Spino should have their account suspended.


How is this even in question? Spino was the worst, at least indo and indom were admittedly “made up” where as they tried to pass Spino off as “real”. Spino was so bad the movie franchise even recognized that fact by retcon-ing him years later as the 1st hybrid. All of that and Im not even including that the most recent scientific data suggests spinos was under 4 tonnes, long but thin and frail… As someone who knows a little about Dinosaurs JP3 was insulting


Except Spinosaurus is the most inconsistently written, shoe-Hornered piece of junk in the franchise.

It’s a B-tier fish-eater excuse of a theropod in real-life and they made it a Baryonyx x Saurophaganax / Allosaurus maximus hybrid with a sail in appearance.

It has also plot armor for weeks.

The mere thought someone thought they need to get T-Rex lose to that joke in itself automatically makes it a bad villain… Cause it’s whole purpose was to pull off a forced controversy.

It’s literally there for annoying the audience then it is useless and has literally no impact on the rest of the film other than as a filler.


And let’s not forget the fact that now generations of Fanboys believe that it was factually correct and spino could take T-Rex

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Spino. Because it killed Rex at the start of the movie. When I was younger that actually hurt me lol.

Overall its a cool dino in the movie! And I also like it. But it killed Rexy.

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