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Which dinosaur do I take to put the Monolometrodon?



If you’re going to change one I’d say rajakylo but mono needs leveled up a bit. But tryostronix is better than them both so I’d use that


I think you should level it first


Don’t get mono in your team, don’t waste coins on lvl it up either


Words of wisdom ^^^


This right here ^^^^


None. Mono is garbage, I’ve not even created it for that reason.

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Your current lineup is really solid, and if you want to replace anything, go for Tryostronix in the place of Rajakylosaurus or Monomimus even (though Monomimus isn’t that great nowadays, Proceratomimus is better).

Monolometrodon hits like a wet noodle though, it’s not worth it.


Monolo needs to be 2+ levels higher than your team average to fit in. For your crew, I would say level 21 to be worth including. It has a great kit, but no punch. It will get slaughtered if you put it in at 16.

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None of them. They’re all better.

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Great team.

Agree with @Raven :100:

The Allo is slow and you don’t have any other immune creature in your team. Immune creatures provide certainty.

The Monolom is faster and was a GREAT benefit to my team when I was where you are now - we levelled it to 27 before it was benched and it really did get the job done to that point.

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You have 3 tanks there. Stegod keep but either of the others need to go for an immune :slight_smile:


I’d argue about that it is Tragobeachtis who is the sure keeper. Stegodeus is toast unless it is overleveled.

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But in place of Raja or Allo really? You think?


Wait… sorry, did not see tragod

Totally keep tragod. I meant Raja or Allo need to go in place of an immune.

Was including Allo as a tank… it is not. Sorry.


Dunno, I chop them up even 3 levels above and they barely deal enough damage to kill my dinosaurs.

And I certainly do remember that Rajakylosaurus, Allosinosaurus, T-Rex, Tyrannolophosaurus, etc make a quick work out of Stegodeus.

The only downside of both Rajakylosaurus and Allosinosaurus is their speed, when Thoradolosaurus and Tenontorex show up (I still don’t understand how their speed makes sense, but whatever), but that is around lvl 21 teams.

And imo both offer more damage and utility than Stegodeus. Stegodeus is just an annoying wall.


The only reason u should ever use mono is for fast tank busting… But tryo already does that, and way better. I’d say put tryo one there instead, perhaps in exchange for T-rex or rajakylo, but only once u have leveled it to at least level 17 (If switching for t-rex).