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Which dinosaur do you have the most DNA of?

Here’s a fun little question: Which dinosaur do you have the most DNA of? I’ll start off, with Triceratops Gen 2. I have 80,000 Triceratops Gen 2, which is sort of handy. Velociraptor is in a close second, with about 68,000 DNA.

gallimimus. 189K

I have 14,000 kentrosaurus that I got on a road trip

I’ve capped most of my common creatures DNAs storage - 500k.

Some of those Rares near max storage - 200k.

Velociraptor 500k.

I know my Velociraptor is capped at 250k, and when I last saw one in the donations section it said it was ~400k. That may be my highest. I have a couple of others at 250k though but don’t know the real number yet.

Gallimimus. I haven’t checked recently, but I know it’s over 200k.

StygiG2 at 340k

75,000 tarbo. Yea, I don’t have thordor. :joy: and like 110,328 gally

300.000 lord Apatosaur’s dna

Miragia I think with 100k

I have 146k deinocheirus and a surprising 12k sinoceratops for most epic, I could get utarinex up to level 27

The original commons like Triceratops G2 I am close to maxed out on. I’ve got no use for it now and no one ever requests it.