Which dinosaurs do you think are overpowered or underpowered

I’d just like to hear your opinion on which dinosaurs are overpowered or underpowered


Overpowered: The Rat
Underpowered: Magna, Indom, Indor, Tenontorex, Stegod


Ardentismaxima- 10% Armor, 30% Crit, and more HP would be great. Maybe Shielded Decelerating Strike as well
Pterovexus: Needs Lethal Swoop
Megalosuchus: Total rework
Stygidaryx: Remove one of its swoops for an actual hitting move and it’ll be great
Magna: needs a little more HP
Indominus: it needs a little bit something extra after it got gutted with the cloak nerf
Tanks in general: need renewed viability

Thor, but only because of boosts. It was moderately fine before


Would like to add tuoramoloch to the underpowered list :man_shrugging:


Overpowered: boosted
Underpowered: non-boosted
Sadly it’s really that simple nowadays.


Overpowered :- the rat and Thor
Underpowered :- Magna ( health ) , Tuoramoloch ( everything ) , Diloracheirus ( health ) , Indoraptor ( replace evasive with cloak )


They have to do something about this beast. There is no way of stopping it when it is in Arena, no way. Pinning strike needs at least a one-turn cooldown. It is way OP.


I think it’s V-raptor.
How can a common dino been the fastest in the game?
Way too much.


Overpowered dino:
Nothing in my list. Some are beautifully powered, but none reach “overP” in my dictionary so far.

Underpowered dino:
Tuoramoloch, Ptrerovexus, Stygi, Maxima, Ankyntro, Pyrritator (please buff these dinos)

Overpowered: Dracoceratops, Thor.

Underpowered: Tuora, Alankylo, Monolometrodon (hey, if Dracoceratops is Ludia’s idea of ‘balanced’ then why does this one have to be so weak in comparison?), Indoraptor


overpowered: dracoceratops, a tyrant legendary made with 2 commons (really commons). thor at least is a unique, but its ingredients are too easy for such a power. but with crit nerf became less op. one dino will be the best, if not thor would be another. and maybe miragaia for lower arenas. a small stego-like shouldn’t have that power.

underpowered? owen raptors (except blue after 1.8 buff), indoraptor (just because of its importance in the movie), stygidaryx…

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Overpowered: Most hybrids but especially Dracoceratops.

Undepowered: Most prehistorical animals.


Dracoceratops should have at least 10% armor like Tricera G2. But really it seems to have dermal scutes so really is should probably be more like 30% armor. Give it it’s Defense shattering back and a bit more HP.

Also, monomimus has not been nerfed in a while… well since the last patch when swap in dodge became not so dodgy. Maybe remove it’s 1.5x multipliers and just do distract strike and nul strike.


Agreed, I don’t like nerfs but thor could have 1600-1640 damage and be totally fine. It didn’t need compensation for the crit nerf :rofl:


Is this for real ?
I mean are you serious ?

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I doubt it lol

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@Schtemty Not exactly serious. I honestly could not care less about DC. If they nerfed it to death without giving it a Unique that would be fine with me. The arena is more interesting without DC. I also am fine with it existing as is, I have adjusted and I don’t lose my cool when I get DC’d.

To actually answer the original post, I would love to see the birds have their day in the sun. So many birds are available, none are actually viable. Everything they do, some other dino does better. The “shielding” ones are all worse than Tragod. The “Ferocity” ones are not as good as Megalosuchus. The Bleeders are only good for trading 1 for 1 since none have much survivability.


Phew !
I was worried for a moment then

Underpowered Skolasuchus

Overpowered or underpowered its irrelevant now ,boosts are here to make the worst dino ever turn into a big bad boy able to one shot top tier dinos
Get rid of That cr€p Ludia