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Which dinosaurs do you think imbalance the game most?


Balancing any competitive battling game is never an easy task for any developer, it risks shifting the entire meta when any major (or even minor) change is made. However changing stats, adding moves/creatures isn’t the only way a game can be imbalanced. If players are given too much (of a good thing) it can cause the entire game to be flooded by one or two particular dinosaurs and thus leading to a much more long lasting and serious imbalance. If for example if one ‘end-game’ (unique) dinosaur is made widely available early on, the entire meta is left to face/battle/counter that one threat. The game strategy then becomes limited to being constantly directed towards facing this creature time and time again, but more than that it limits many other options of gameplay. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against all cool or powerful dino-hybrids, just the ones which force the entire game to be all about them (either all about getting them, or all about countering them).

Which dinosaurs/hybrids do you think cause the most imbalance to JWA?

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Monomimus, Indominus Rex, Erlidominus, and Indoraptor. The dodge mechanic makes or breaks SO many battles in the arena that it’s ridiculous.


And…where’s Erlidominus?


you mean like dracogen2?


I’ve never faced one I forgot it had cloak I’ll edit my post. Point stands though :stuck_out_tongue:


tryko… remove instant distraction and just give back his old defense shattering impact, and im ok with that. just enough with that invinc shield ability for him. game prolong too much with combination of these two “nerfing opponent” moves… (ID + Inv shield)


This is a creative way of asking which dinos should be nerfed next.

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That fire-trucking Green chicken !!!

75% chance of delivering back-to-back rampages and running away without taking any damage

And a speed of 129 making it faster than 95% of other dinos

And an goofy derp face!!

This dino has to be fixed big time!


I am not sure I think any dino is overpowered right now. Everything can be countered well for the most part. There are several dinos that I wish were a bit better however.

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Nah, Tryko deserves her position because she is the hardest dino to create in JWA (with ingredients that can be found in the wild).

Tell ya what though, I’ll trade instant distract for 100% counter attack… deal? :sunglasses:


With the amount of time it takes to actually get it, 2 epic hybrid mixed with yet another epic deserves to be very strong.
It deserves to have two moves from its previous hybrid. 3 defense shattering attacks makes zero sense.


erlidominus is not broken… it only dodges for 1 turn not 3. and if it doesn’t its dead. unlike IREX, indoraptor and monomimus. no shattering, not even armor piercing either.

yes they all have counters, and you can still have them on your team, but if you don’t get them in game, you’re gonna have a bad time with… tryk, utarinex, green dilo, indoraptor. that’s about it really.

for tryk to just sit there and distract/invincibility and kill everything only with counter-attacks is kinda silly. green dilo and utarinex to usually do 4.5-5x distracting damage (pray they don’t crit) and then run away is a bit much. And for indoraptor to do crazy damage and have the ability to potentially get 3 free turns is a bit much too. granted they’re all uniques, but a little too much considering you can’t pick your team.

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Hybrids in general. This is a game based upon a franchise which is about dinosaurs, not hybrids. There gets a point where you cant compete unless your team is all hybrids and that isn’t right.


Dracorex gen 2 for sure. It just runs and kills your guy. And has only 1 turn lock so he runs away to kill another your guy.


I’m actually surprised people are mentioning dinos in this thread…it like asking Ludia to nerf them in the next update…just ignore this kind of threads, unless you like nerfs.


It is the NERFOSAURUS for sure … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t like nerfs, I like a balanced game.

I think that by flooding the game with Indos (ingrededients) so soon they’ve seriously imbalanced what could have been a really dynamic game with lots of options. Now we’re sadly limited by having to counter these hybrids all of the time, it gets old very quickly tbh.

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Diloracheirus and Trykosaurus for sure. Utarinex too.

They are just examples of where balance with hybrids can lead to when you just brainlessly mash together the best stats and moves of the ingredients without giving a second thought about if they have counters available to them after that.

All three hybrids have that one thing in common they counter the counter of their one specific move with another.

Want to superiority strike? Nah, eat a stun in the face. Defense shattering? Nah, instant cripple? Distracting? Nah, running away or using instant Invincibility? Stunning down? Nah, eat a distraction? Lockdown? Have fun being twoshot or being stunned and distracted, then the motherlover runs away anyway. Bleed? Nah, get twoshot and die for the kill or get outlived with just a shiver of health, or get outspeed, distracted then killed and ran awayed from or just being twoshot in general again…

All three dinos have no counter to them other than like 3 to 5 dinos and that is it. If you draft anything else / you don’t have them on your team, you might as well throw your phone away cause you have lost before the game have even started.


^^ You’ve hit the nail on the head. Spot on! That’s exactly what’s wrong with this current setup. Well said! So the game limits you into having to have these 3-5 hybrids on a team just to compete. The games broken!

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Aside maybe for draco gen2? None, the game right now is really balanced to me because every dino has a counter. If your team suffer a particular dino work on its counter, it’s simple. Some dinos have to be stronger than others, if not what kind of game it would be? What kind of motivation would you have to try to reach end game and improve your team constantly if you can compete endgame with a buch of epics? (and you can, because there are many players in top 500 who runs some epics in their team) This game is very well balanced: there are many dinos in the lower tiers of rarity that can compete in the upper arenas where they should not be present (stegocera and suchotator as an example).
And come on, these are 3/4 minutes time battles, if you lose one due to a particular dino, fight another time. If you work on the counters of that particular dino and rng doesn’t get them in game you’ve been unlucky, but it’s how the game was conceived. There could be sometimes that the owner doesn’t draw his or her big cards and lose due to this. You can or cannot have your counter, but the oppnent can or cannot have the dino your team suffer and maybe you win that battle.
Ludia said that dino’s power reflects ingredient’s power and rarity…I play this game since launch and this is the first patch where this statement is really fully respected.
So maybe aside draco gen2 , which anyway makes battling more unpredictable, and the ease with which recently players can unlock indoraptor, there’s no dino which imbalance the game in a way to deserve a nerf in my opinion.
PS last but not least: if you can’t beat them, join them :wink:
I apologize for the outburst but I do not like people complaining about a game. If you have to complain, play something else.