Which DNA from the Raptor squad is most worth it

I know…this is ridiculous, i know which one it is but i want to know which is for you you, mine is echo I am using indotaurus.
Which one is yours
BTW i dunno how to put a poll :V

Definitely echo because indotaurus


Delta for Velosrhacos

Delta for alloraptor

Echo no cap

For me it’s Blue…that’s just me

Charlie because of Gamma.

umm, ig its chrlie coz gamma

For me it’s blue because i use indo g2

Currently I say echo because of indom 2, indo 2, and indotaur, but if deltas hybrids get s hybrids, that Most Valuable Raptor DNA from the Raptor Squad name will go to another clever girl


yep defo charlie cuz gammas great

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Charlie because I literally just unlocked Erlikogamma today.

It’s great isn’t it

I killed an Indominus Rex Gen 2 with Gamma with Dehibilating Distraction and Precise Pounce.

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Just saying wont be great for long dont bring it past 15-16