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Which dragon is better? Need opinions!



I need to replace my 4* blue who heals but I know one of these would be better but not sure which one. Help me decide!


Which blue dragon are you currently using that heals? Cuz frankily they both are kinda meh. They may be 5 stars, but don’t let their star count fool you.

That first one’s abilities kinda suck. Probably why it’s spirit fill is fast. I personally wouldn’t waste your resources on it at all.

The second one has nicer abilities, but it’s spirit fill is slow, so that part bites. And it can’t heal. Neither of them can.

If you’re looking for a ‘cheap’ new blue dragon that can heal, I’ve been using Anveil. He may only be a 3 star but that single heal he has is nice and he’s easy to get and max (and I think his spirit fill is fast, or moderate). Otherwise, the 4 star blue Hideous Zippleback Tricky Two-Heads is REALLY good, with a moderate spirit fill, a team-wide heal, team-wide counterattack, AND lowers foes accuracy, 3 of the best things to have in this game for dragon abilities.

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Have in mind that a maxed 3* dragon (e.g. Anveil) is stronger than any Level 2 5* dragon. I would wait until i have at least one second copy to bring him to Level 3.

In your case, if i had to choose i would go with the Lithe Loggerjammer because of the good damage. But i totally agree with @UltimateTH!


Im currently using this guy

This one replaced anveil actually haha. Great points though I think you are right about this. So you think my 4* is ok to use instead of anveil?

Thanks for the inputs


I personally could iamgine the radiant skyglow could be nice for your team survivability combined with a aoe healer. but thats onbly theoreticly, I got much weaker dragons myself.


I find Anveil better than the Zippleback tho. The Zippleback is designed to be a tank but a tank isn’t really useful in this game. His lower attack and a no damage skill makes him so weak offensively when compare to Anveil. The game is still favour for burst damage so Anveil turns out to be greater


Skullcrown is about the same, if maybe a little better than Anveil. So I’d honestly keep Skullcrown and not bother wasting resources on the other 5 stars unless you are swinging in blue scales of every rarity.

But team composition needs ot be considered too. So…there’s that.

And @Dipper yeah, I forgot about that. I dunno I thought Two-heads was still really useful but probably depends on team comp yet again.

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