Which Epic "Dino of the Day" will you hunt for?

  • Pyroraptor! (Raptors are just OP!)
  • T-Rex of course! (He’s so cool!/He’s my favorite dinosaur since I were a child./I need him to unlock Indominus.)
  • Both! (I’m new and want to unlock both.)
  • None … (Got no time for it./There are no Event Drops around me.)

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I could get Indominus with Event T-Rex, but I will go Pyroraptor only to get him to a decent LV (otherwise he can’t compete with other players who did Pyro only).

Which one are you choosing and why? :t_rex:


At least my Pyroraptor is LV 15 now like T-Rex already was before. Good Event!


I collect Pyroraptors! And not, because they are OP, I collect them, because I love raptors! And my Pyroraptor is little bit low level, and T-rex I get maybe once per 10 battles!


Pyro for the speed kills, Rex for the DNA to level her up.


Honestly can’t decide if I want to farm for Indo or Pyrritator. It’s a good problem to have though.


What they said^^^^^^^


Not new and hunting both so can’t vote. :smirk:


I just wish it was 6 try for both each not 6 altogether which kinda suxs I am 5 off on my pyro


Those are just examples, you can always post your own reasons here.


I’ve run into more t rexs randomly. I’ve actually never came across pyro. And I’m a raptor guy. But I want to get Trex up one more level before getting idominis who I got to 100 right now.½ we way there. Don’t have any legendarys yet. So far I’ve gotten 3 pyros and 1 Trex. 2 trys left. I absolutely suck at hitting the target on epics.level 11 and vip


Yeah, usually tons of T-Rex and just a few Pyros in the wild.

Had 3x wild Pyroraptor so far before Event.


I got the TRex b4 in my local park while walking dog.


Definitely focusing on pyroraptor. I’ve caught T-Rex in the wild and battle incubators. This is event is the first time I’ve ever seen a pyroraptor.


I hit 2 times a T-Rex just to have her ready to go to level 12 when I’ll have enough coins. Now I will focus on pyroraptor :wink: still not in my collection yet.


Event almost over, last chance to get your awesome Epics … go out to your local parks! :t_rex:


1:15 am here, it’s still hot and humid. It reached 106 degrees here today. I had no choice but to stay indoors today, no matter how much I wanted to get to the park for Pyroraptor.

I was not gonna risk heatstroke.


I went 5 t rex and 1 piro(only cause i was near to 16 mine) we need tons of t rex dna for indominus and indoraptor


Thank you all for participating. See the results at the top. Have a nice day!

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