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Which Epic, Legendary, and Unique took you the longest to get?

For me:

Epic: Ankylosaurus. I only unlocked her during the Armored Creatures Week and by then I already have several Legendary creatures

Legendary: Rajakylosaurus. Because scarcity of Ankylosaurus dna

Unique: Haven’t saved them all yet but I’m going to guess Magnapyritar at this point

How about you?

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For me

Epic - Postimetrodon, each fuse gave me 10 each fuse. It worked out in the end as Postimetrodon is one of my favorite dinos in-game.

Legendary - Indominus Rex, IndoRex took long cause getting Trex to level 15 was a pain. I finally created it last week and it’s still level 16, IndoRaptor is gonna be a pain to get lol

Unique - Magnapyritator, Magna is my endgame goal right now, the previous weekly event helped me get my Pyroraptor to level 15 to start fusing Pryitator (Sorry if I spelt it wrong, I’m terrible when it comes to memorizing the names of some hybrids lol). I didn’t get Pryitator yet (100/200) but it’ll be worth the grind when I finally get Magna :slight_smile:

Epic-concavenator, i needed 4 cells of it for about 2 months, i could never find one.

Legendary- paramaloch. 10 fuses every single time. Even now trying to level it up i am still getting 10 fuses. Of the ones i dont have, probably the sino family

Unique- will be utarinex for the same reason as the legendary

I don’t have any yet, but I was close to getting blue (epic)

epic: sinoceratops, needed the july event
legendary: monolometrodon, cause why bother
unique: erlidominus, erliko very rare, no events and needed at 20. Also trex more useful in tryko and indoraptor