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Which Female Next?

Which Female character do you want to see open next aside from Skye?


(I believe that’s all of them so far)

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Skye definitely for me.

Fei looks hot too and I wanna talk to her about comics!

Who’s the cheerleader? That’s not usually my thing (American high-school kids) but I’m hoping that she turns out to be a vampire hunter who’s going after William Chrome. That would be cool!


Skye, Fei, Kelsey(the cheerleader) and Pamela for me

That’s everyone but Julia


I’m not overly looking forward to Skye. I’m more looking forward to Fei, Julia, and Nina


I’ve been waiting for forever for Fei. I can’t wait for her to open up

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At this moment?
I would be happy if any of them is made matchable.

Like seriously there is literally no active female character atm.

So as of now, if any of them pops up, I’ll be over the moon.:laughing::laughing:

It was only last week we had Alice/Eve and Susan on the go. Plus Vitoria/Sage returned at the weekend and it’s a couple of weeks since Felicia went live.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’d like them to be around permanently but after waiting 7 months for Vitoria to return I’m counting my blessings right now.

I guess this week is the boys turn.

I was hoping for Sage/Susan/Alice or their counterparts to return today after Blake coming back maybe someone returns tomorrow

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