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Which forgotten hybrid(s) should be prioritised for superhybrids?

Here, I’m defining forgotten hybrid as hybrid creatures who were released in version 1.11 or prior who have yet to receive superhybrids (even when other creatures released ahead of them have gotten superhybrids)

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Rare/Epic hybrids:

  • Ankylocodon (1.3)
  • Brontolasmus (1.9)
  • Dimodactylus (1.5)
  • Erlikogamma (1.11)
  • Procerathomimus (1.6)

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Legendary hybrids:

  • Alankylosaurus (1.4)
  • Alloraptor (1.11)
  • Diplovenator (1.8)
  • Dsungaia (1.8)
  • Phorusaura (1.9)
  • Skoolasaurus (1.6)

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Thanks to Acerglyn for the comprehensive list!


Not sure if you can edit polls, but if possible, you should add the release version and release date for each hybrid, so people have some perspective on how long each creature has been waiting for a superhybrid.

Specifically, Alankylo has been waiting for a superhybrid for nearly 2 whole years. I’m not kidding - it was released in August 2018, in update 1.4.11 (the pterosaur update):

Nearly every hybrid released after our first hybrid pterosaur has gotten a superhybrid. With the release of new flying creatures (the Haast Eagles), it’s about time to give our OG-Indominus-countering aerial pioneer some love and give her the superhybrid she deserves.


I feel old now cause I can remember sitting up at my grans reading the patch notes and squealing in joy for rhe update


If there is any creature in the game that deserves a hybrid it’s alanky. I’m pretty sure it’s the oldest hybrid in the game that doesn’t have a super hybrid. Every patch I hope to see it get one…but it hasn’t happened yet







And you forgot
The monochops with entolodon

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Just saying it would be wrong if alloraptor got a super hybrid cause then what would happen is that erlikogamma gets a super hybrid but because blue and echo have a linked hybrid what would they get?

Please read the OP, I clearly state that forgotten hybrid = hybrids released in version 1.11 or earlier. Newer hybrids like Grylenken and Entelomoth should take a back seat for superhybridisation compared to older hybrids which haven’t gotten a superhybrid (I think someone mentioned Alankylo has been waiting 2 years?).

Additionally some of the creatures you “name” aren’t even hybrids (Miragaia) or aren’t even recognisable creatures (“duspan”?)


Alankylo please, I cannot stress enough how much she needs a superhybrid.

On her own, she’s good, but not great. A superhybrid has potential to be fantastic.


Justice for Dsungaia!

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Alankylo, Ankylo, Prorat and Skoola

In other words, the longer a creature waits the faster should it get a hybrid

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Nope, wrong. Anlanky is the second oldest one. Anylocodon is the oldest

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Back then, when Gemini was still OP, I wouldve suggested Alloraptor be fused with Inos. Its the perfect hybrid to counter tanks. Or even anti-tank tanks

Back when Partial Immunities were a thing. Remember those. Oh yeah they still exist, just rebranded as Resistances

The compehensive list:
Subtract Dracocera, Add Edaphocevia. (2.0)


Thanks a lot! I’ve updated the polls to include all the pre-1.11 creatures.

Dracoceratops has a hybrid. He will now be replaced by Edaphocevia. (2.0)

Updated. Apologies to anyone who’s already voted.

Totally agreed! I have a level 20 Alankylosaurus waiting for her chance to shine in the upper arenas.

Rip looks like everyone’s vote got reset :frowning: